Try again, chumps, it’s not proof of life

castroites must take the world for idiots because they’re trying to fob off on us castro’s version of pre-revolutionary history in some old tome as proof that their dictator is alive and well. Today they ran an essay purported to be by the bearded beast in today’s Juventud Rebelion (in a dictatorship that kills youth who rebel) about life in Cuba pre-1959. And we’re supposed to think it’s business as usual in castrodom.
Does anyone remember Yurii Andropov’s eternal “cold”? (The enraged wife of a cashiered KGB agent is believed to have shot him.) Does anyone remember all the phoney pictures the Mao swimming released by the ChiComs and the Gang of Four as that dictator lay on his deathbed? Does anyone remember Kim Il Sung’s lingering death? Or how many days it took for the Soviets to admit Stalin’s death? All these communist dictatorships deny their supreme leaders’ deaths right up till the end and beyond because all the minions in the dictator’s inner circle are engaged in a power struggle over who will rule next. There’s never any orderly handover of power in a dictatorship because there are no rules or laws or institutions. There’s just the leader’s word and that leader is … unavailable.
There’s no doubt the castroite toads are busily fighting it out tonight and for the next several nights to decide who will rule next. There always is. Oh to be a fly on the wall of the National Security Agency which hears all! Only when the castroite oligarchs decide who the next dictator will be will the death of castro be announced. Be prepared for a string of lies in coming days. Like this one about a spry old castro supposedly regaling his historical memories of 1959. Yeah, sure.

3 thoughts on “Try again, chumps, it’s not proof of life”

  1. Oh, si ….. he wrote it, of course, while Cervantes was looking over his shoulder and Marti was reading it aloud; I know, because Elvis told me.

  2. Hey! Just show the world a quick shot of fifo, Ann Curry and Matt Lauer doing calisthenics; or better yet… Have him give a short radio address to Obama the Kawama to thank him for his support.

  3. Why would Cervantes be looking over fidel’s shoulder, Marti read anything castro wrote aloud, and why would Elvis be in a position to know? Cervantes, Marti, and Elvis went to Heaven!

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