JFK Assassination solved

And it was the the folks at Granma that did it. This was what they said in a recent puff piece in favor of Barack Obama’s newly minted strategy vis-a-vis Cuba:

Lamentablemente, la actitud electorera le costó a Kennedy nada menos que la vida, cuando como presidente trató de cambiar al país. En los últimos meses de 1963, la extrema derecha política, el complejo militar industrial y el Pentágono, decidieron que la CIA, la Mafia y los gangsters cubanos –los mismos a los que se había aliado Kennedy para liquidar a Fidel Castro-, se encargasen de ejecutar el escandaloso magnicidio. Después hicieron lo mismo con su hermano Robert, quien también se empeñó en modificar el stablisment.

Rough Translation:

Unfortunately, the electoral strategy cost Kennedy nothing less than his life, when as president he tried to change the country. In the last months of 1963, the extreme right wing, the military industrial complex and the Pentagon decided that the CIA, the Mafia and the Cuban gangsters -the same ones that had become Kennedy’s allies to liquidate [c]astro- should conduct the scandalous magnicide. Later, they did the same with his brother Robert, who was also determined to change the establishment.

Case closed. If Granma says so it must be true. Forget about the fact that they can’t seem to make up their mind about whether Kennedy was a friend or an enemy. I guess it just depends on what they are trying to justify at a given moment.

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  1. Well, Inspector Clouseau could not have done a better job. What a bunch of cracker-jack detectives Cuba has.

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