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  1. This will be the first cd of hers that I don’t buy, and I don’t care how good any of the other songs are. I also don’t think much of this song, regardless of the fact that the doped up, che-loving santana is on it.

  2. Besides being a monster of greed and avarice who is only interested in marketing her new CD so that it will bring her the greatest profits even if that means offending her own community [and her deceased father who was a patriot and a Bay of Pigs veteran] by having Santana perform on her record, Estefan has no talent whatsoever. She has no voice, PERIOD. Hearing her sing is painful. What’s more, her songs are all rehatchments of previous songs. I heard that this CD is nothing more than “Mi Tierra” recycled.

  3. Sorry brothers and sisters … Me alejo de la controversia aqui… Tenemos otras cosas mas importantes que fustigar a Gloria… Lo correcto seria tratar de hacerla pronunciarse al respecto..
    y que no los explique con detalles…
    in the meantime I will think of the Gloria que siempre ha deseado una cuba libre..Estamos en una democracia y debemos respetar otras opiniones and no I am not a seguroso, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Santana deserves no respect. Donning the image of a mass murderer is not an “opinion”, but a statement of admiration and support. Gloria made her own bed here.

  5. Abajo,
    She loves money more than Cuba’s freedom by slapping the Cuban community’s face with Santana. What part of the Che worshipper’s presense doesn’t bother you? Do we look away because she is one of our own?

  6. You know what? I don’t loathe Santana, the guy plays a mean guitar, and is a charitable guy, but he fudged it up when he came out with a ridiculous che shirt, and spoke admiration about that thug. I give him credit ONLY in music, but as a scholar I think he needs to be schooled big time. The Estefans, In my opinion, see it this way too. Besides business is business and money talks & bullshit walks. The world keeps turning.

  7. pototo
    Disclaimer… I will not buy this CD..Usually I dont purchase any music
    have you ask her personally why she did what she did?..She must answer that first… I bet you anything she will not say that she loves Che or endorse him in any way. We dont know if Satanas appearance in her proyect is a way for her to repay him for what he has meant for latin artists who have paved their way to fame and fortune in the US music industry…
    Recordemos que ella no es politica..Y los buenos artistas de verdad nunca deben mesclarze en la politica.. de ninguna forma… se deben mantener neutral..precisamente para evitar esto que esta pasando ahora
    en el pasado Gloria ha cantado mucho acerca de una cuba libre y ha hecho obras al respecto..Creo que dio un concierto en Gitmo for the cuban balseros ..
    Entendamos que esto es un mistake que aun se puede solucionar con un buen interview y un buen pr campaign before sept 18
    And yes she is one of us.. and Iam looking away this time… I would never think that she is now a communist or a Che lover… for using Satanas
    I would love to see Gloria Estefan and even Satanas himself performing together in Miami at the beach in front of 1 million cubans celebrating la muerte del dictador mayor…whenever it is announced..
    that would be awesome…y creo que puede suceder easily..hopefully before the 18th

  8. I think in the first place it’s a shame that she felt the need to include ANY degenerate “rockers” on her album at all, but far worse yet that she chose someone like Carlos SATANAS to “perform”. Too bad she decided to give into one of Capitalism’s few “dark sides”-the idea that one can sell out culture and/or morality, and have it be considered “OK” simply by virtue of it being done by way of the free enterprise system. Go back to doing “the real stuff”, Gloria.

  9. Abajo,
    Tendremos que tener un acuerdo de desacuerdo. No free pass from me. Had she come forth and apologized, explained,…something. But she did not feel she owed that to anyone. So do we feel the same about Danny Glover, Belafonte,Penn, etc.?
    Of course not they are guilty by association. Its not like Santana made a slip and used a Che lighter then realized it was wrong then threw it away. He boasted at the Awards show by proudly displaying his che shirt. For the Estefan’s to “overlook” that is impossible. To claim to be able to separate one’s music from one’s politics is to say a man can separate his soul from his being. So then we should separate che and fidel from their politics. We should not wish any ill to befall fidel “personally” as we have to separate the man from his politics. If so we also should tell Gloria to rename her album as 90 millas is a title that incites political thought. You said she wants freedom for Cuba. If so she is not separating her music from her politics.

  10. The fact is that most pop music stars are not seriously talented. They may be very successful commercially, but that’s a different matter. They’re much more about looks, image, packaging and posturing than anything else (being lucky doesn’t hurt, either). In real terms, Gloria has a modest talent, which is par for the course in her business.
    I saw the video of “No llores” when it came out, and there’s rather less to it than meets the eye. Slick, great attention to surface details, professional packaging and so forth, but she struck me as someone playing at something rather than being it. The whole thing is like air brushing. This is definitely not Edith Piaf.
    Again, this is pretty typical for the whole shallow industry. Lots of flash and little substance. It may sell, but it doesn’t impress where it counts, which is in terms of musical and performance quality. None of this, by the way, has anything to do with Santana. I would feel the same way if he didn’t come into it at all.

  11. Bueno… Personalmente a mi no me gusta Gloria, ni ahora ni nunca aunqu me quito el sombrero ante Emilio, el tipo sabe hacer dinero

  12. Wait a minute, is that the actual cover of the CD, with Santana flashing his Che-emblazoned chest?? If so, I’d say that’s a slap in the face to the Cuban American community — not to mention an incredibly stupid PR move!

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