Running Some “Interference” In Europe

Not only do we Cuban-Americans “interfere” in elections, we also have a hand in American foreign policy as well.
Three Cuban American Congressmen, Albio Sires (D, NJ), Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R, FL), and Mario Diaz-Balart (R, FL) are visiting Central Europe to meet former dissidents and thank them for supporting the anticommunist opposition movement in Cuba.
Here’s a link to an interview with the congressmen by Radio Free Europe.
The three were in Prague today where they met with Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, according to Prague Daily Monitor:

Schwarzenberg expressed support for the opponents of the Cuban regime before he became Czech foreign minister. In May 2005 he was deported from Cuba after he arrived in this country to meet Cuban dissidents.
In 2006, the Cuban embassy in Prague protested against the Czech Republic’s position on the Cuban regime in a note to the Czech Foreign Ministry. In the spring of 2006, Havana and Prague even deported each other’s diplomats.

The Cuban-American congressmen will also travel to Hungary and Poland, countries that have also championed Democracy and Human Rights in Cuba.

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  1. No, Albio is NO Zell Miller. He was a Democrat, turned Republican, turned Independent, and back to Democrat.
    He really has no vision on anything whatsoever. He just a yes man for Hudson County Party Bosses like Bob Menendez and Brian Stack.
    All he does is ride on whoever’s coattails keep him in power.

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