Tyrannus Mortuus

Fom the mailbag:

(f)idel (c)astro…
It doesn’t make a difference anymore….he has become totally irrelevant. He’s as good as dead, even if he is not clinically dead yet. When Raul had the daunting task to speak on July 26th of this year….we have to say that the relief of the effigy of Fidel on the podium where Raul spoke, was a good signal for all of us to understand that the days of Fidel are a thing of the past. IT IS OVER !! Enjoy, his plug has been pulled for once and all. I have to say that this Friday’s so-called “rumors,” didn’t launch a mass of people to the sea in go-fast boats in Miami…but in my opinion the rumors were perhaps launched by “BIG BROTHER” for the authorities to get a glimpse of the reaction of Miami’s Cuban community, if you know what I mean.
I also think it gave the Cuban government another piece of intelligence, I.E., “Don’t launch a rumor before the announcement”. I stand on what I have conveyed..he (Fidel Castro) is DEAD! and the announcement will come, it will catch us off guard but everybody will be moved, both in Cuba and in the United States. THOUGH I must say the Cuban Government will try to prolong his death (as they are doing now) to have Fidel’s legacy live on for as long as possible….for example with there BS… reflections of the commandant articles in the Granma newspaper…give me a break! Trust me the United States government will be privy to (Castro’s death) and with respect (yes as silly as it may seem) to the Cuban Government allow them to make the announcement first, even if it takes a good amount of time to do so.
Dead or alive, who cares!
For the ones that write and voice there opinions on “how can you state that he is DEAD if it hasn’t been announced,” very simple…WHO CARES! HE ISN”T COMING BACK!
Fidel is DEAD….Cuba is in its FIRST stage of Freedom!
THIS UPCOMING LABOR DAY: As a Cuban-American…(born in Cuba) this up coming Labor Day weekend which basically signifies a day of rest for the “working man,” and with all the BS talk of Fidel…..In honor of all my ancestors and the hard work my parents have endured in this country, I will be smoking my cigar, drinking a cold beer and reminiscing the hardship days of their hard work to give me the freedom I have today.
So…enjoy it…maybe the party we all want, or are anticipating, wont be as big but we CUBANS are finally one step closer to being free!

Pretty much says it all, no?

5 thoughts on “Tyrannus Mortuus”

  1. I believe that Fidel is dead. The reason that the Raul regime will not make the announcement is because like his brother’s regime, it is a mean-spirited, petty “government” and it does not want to give the exile community the satisfaction of celebrating the tyrant’s death. I, also, believe that Raul has already consolidated his power and has no fear of any kind of uprising in Cuba if the announcement of Castro’s death is made. I mean, let’s face it, if Castro is really dead, all of the important people inside Cuba know this already; the ministers, the generals, etc… and they are the ones that matter. Not the little guy in the street who is only thinking of escaping on a raft, not the soldier who takes orders.
    What is disconcerting is that the USA [yes, our friend President Bush] undoubtedly knows that Castro is dead and he is not telling us. Its hard to believe that with the USA’s intelligence, espionage, and contacts inside Cuba, they would not know.
    Is this complicity? Yes.

  2. I believe Castro is either dead or very close to it, yes. The problem I see will be the “what’s next?” Are we looking at a Cuba one step closer to freedom? Let’s assume he is dead.. who’s running the show? And, why the secrecy? It might be that the old guard there is attempting to continue is ruling, maybe through Raul or whatnot. Either way, I don’t think it would be a good sign that he is dead and there’s no news on it. And if he isn’t dead, then it’s even more unsettling. No one’s making a move, and giving him the dignity of dying while still ruling. Maybe it’s his ties with Chavez now that people on the island fear. That clown looks like Fidel’s prodigy, only he’s got that oil money as his clout. Either way, it really doesn’t look good. I hope I’m wrong, though.

  3. MY theory is that raulita et al may fear the unknown, that is once they annouce fifo’s demise the ‘spell’ of his personality cult will break and their control of the populace will crumble……

  4. the relief of the effigy of Fidel on the podium where Raul spoke, was a good signal

    I absolutely agree with that. That podium was not designed for fidel to stand behind. After all, everyone would be comparing him to the relief, and the flesh and blood fifo would come up short…whether he’s clinically dead or not, as a political force he’s gone for good. That podium is his first (let’s pray his last and only) monument.

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