We can see your mouth flapping, Anita…

…but all we hear blahblahblahblahblahblah…
The most incarcerated journalists in the world per capita.
No freedom of speech.
No freedom of association.
Tourism apartheid.
Political prisoners.
Actos de repudio.
People standing in line for a loaf of bread or a handful of beans.
Sex tourism.
All of the above – and much much more – are all around the AP’s Anita Snow and yet her latest report is basically an echo – caused, perhaps, by the abyss left from her lack of morality and ethics – of the Cuban government’s propaganda:

HAVANA — A new essay signed by ailing leader Fidel Castro criticized U.S. presidents and aspirants for that office on Tuesday for “submission” to exile-influenced politics that call for democratic change on the island.
Candidates for the U.S. presidential election in 2008 “are totally absorbed by the Florida adventure,” read the column entitled “Submission to Imperial Politics.” It was published in the Communist Party newspaper Granma and other official media.

Ugh. I feel disgustingly dirty just quoting it.
What a pathetic excuse for a journalist. The whole world crumbling down around her and she aloofly writes a column about a column supposedly written by a temporarily temporary former dictator that no one has seen or heard from in over a year and that chances are is either dead or at death’s door, and that basically ignores all the facts around her and is but an attack on the Cuban-American community. But facts do not stop the intrepid “reporter” for the AP’s Havana bureau. “It’s signed by fidel so it must be true!” What a complete tool.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you are insulted by bad words, please do not click below the fold. I apologize beforehand.

Anita Snow is a cunt.

14 thoughts on “We can see your mouth flapping, Anita…”

  1. I would read it Val, but holding on to my lunch is a priority.
    I hope one day G-d gives me the chance to see that bitch up close. A ella y la otra descarada, la Lucia Newman les tengo guardado tremendo galletaso! Si, de esos que son maniabiertos y suenan bien!

  2. She’s been auditioning for a position of a ‘loyal’ Profesora at the Havana Institute of Journalism.

  3. I’d like to point out to all of the hand-wringers out there, that if credibility is an issue on this blog for reporting on two straight weeks of “fidel is dead” rumors — many of which came from very reliable sources — what are we to make of a media that has whitewashed a murderous regime for fifty plus years, doing its propaganda? Is there any outrage left out there for them? Anita Snow is just another iteration of a long-standing phenomena. Just my $0.02.

  4. This is a long story. The MSM has always eaten out of Castro’s hands, what’s more, no one except for the Cuban American bloggers and a few people in conservative websites are calling them to task for this outrage. So, while prisoners rot in prision and the real story, the fact that Cuba is NOW UNEQUIVOCALLY a MONARCHY with bloodline succession is completely ignored, we will continue to have the Anita Snow’s of the world giving “Castro” international platforms and publishing “his” editorials or talking about what “Cubans eat” or talking about old cars, or other such fluff pieces.
    By the way, as I always say, the Cuban government has no need to sell Gramma or Juventud Rebelde in the USA as long as the American MSM continues to publish his opinions in this country in papers like the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, etc.

  5. Val, no apology needed. It is not a bad word when it is used to correctly describe someone that deserves it.
    Jewbana, let me know if you need any help. I can hold them while you slap them both!!!! When you get tired, we can change places….

  6. She reminds me of S Hussein’s mouthpiece that kept saying on TV, the US invaders have been stopped, US forces are not in Bagdad, even when surrounded by thosands of Marines, Army and allied forces. It is not ignorance or hypocricy but idiocy.

  7. Anita Snow is obviously not the real problem. She’s just a hired mouthpiece doing what’s expected and wanted of her. If she’d refused to disgrace herself by playing along, someone else would most certainly have been found to do it. It’s not like there’s any shortage of willing whores. There never has been.
    The problem is the system or organization that employs her and uses her in suh a dishonorable way. If I have to assign degree of guilt, it’s a no-brainer. She operates as she does because that’s what the AP wants. She’s just the minion doing the deed. If the AP wanted real reporting, she (or whoever held the job) would do that.
    I feel similarly about the Herald and ITS minions. These people are not making policy; they’re simply carrying it out. If the Herald wanted a different approach, the staff would pursue that, even if that meant staffing changes. It happens, all the time. The current minions are NOT doing what they’re doing because the Herald is too timid, too permissive or too afraid of hurting their feelings to intervene.
    Same goes for Oliphant and any paper that would run his vile little anti-exile smear. Same goes for Lucia Newman and Rather and Couric and Walters and Jennings and the lot of them. It doesn’t really matter how they personally feel; the point is the SYSTEM has enabled them and used them to pursue a particular agenda. Otherwise, their personal feelings would have been far less of an issue, if any, as I firmly believe they would all have put career first.

  8. Have to share part of the comment I sent them.
    If anyone thinks Castro is in any shape to
    pen these little articles, I have a bridge
    I’d like to sell cheap.
    What’s interesting to me is the faint praise of past presidents. Suppose Raul’s working softening up the Americans? Nah…

  9. Agree with you on this one. Seems like about a year ago her stories became more sympathetic to the Cuban government.
    I suppose they told her to write more favorable stories if she wanted her visa renewed.
    Was it Marc Frank who was kicked out? Anyway, she might as well submit her stories to the editor of Granma rather than the AP.

  10. No surprises there. It is a well documented fact that all press bureaus currently working on the island do not go beyond the official party news. They sit around and wait for the official news releases that are passed out by the minions. One article that is not flattering or gushing with praise for the tyrant and youre ejected and your bureau along with you.
    Any news organization that is currently sitting with a Havana news bureau is an insult to journalistic ethics.

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