Why don’t Cuban exiles take back their country?

We hear this all the time, hateful comments. They go something like this: “You abandoned your country, you’re cowards, why don’t you act like men, arm yourselves and take back your country?”
This is why, because it is against U.S. law, from Cubanet:

Man gets 5 years for illegal ammo stash
RIVERSIDE, Calif. – A Cuban exile who claimed that he stashed more than 1,500 guns and other weapons in his home as part of a plan to overthrow Fidel Castro was sentenced Monday to more than five years in federal prison.
Robert Ferro, 64, of Upland, pleaded guilty to a single count of weapons possession earlier this year. He allegedly claimed that he was storing the weapons with the knowledge of Alpha 66, a Florida-based paramilitary group that for decades has plotted to overthrow the Cuban leader.
A spokesman for Alpha 66 has denied that Ferro was a member of that group.
Police who raided Ferro’s home in April 2006 discovered 35 machine guns, 130 silencers, a live hand grenade, a rocket launcher and 89,000 rounds of ammunition concealed in false walls, dummy bookshelves and hidden rooms.
Ferro, a retired Army Special Forces officer, was prohibited from owning the weapons because of a prior conviction for possession of explosives on a Pomona chicken ranch. Federal authorities alleged that Ferro was running a training camp for Mexican nationals to overthrow Castro when they found the five pounds of C-4 explosives.
Ferro’s current attorneys had asked for a sentence of less than two years because of Ferro’s diabetes and a heart condition. In a filing with the judge, they said that Ferro would likely die within several years because of his poor health.
They also argued that Ferro was a gun collector and that at least 30 of the guns in the cache were “clearly antiques.”
A phone message for his attorney, Christopher D. Johnson, was not immediately returned Monday.

6 thoughts on “Why don’t Cuban exiles take back their country?”

  1. What does Oscar Corral have to say about this? His Miami Herald blog was abandoned on Aug. 6, three days after he got arrested at midnight soliciting a teenage prostitute on Flagler St. and 50th Ave.

  2. The Key quote, “130 silencers”
    Uhmmmm, I don’t think it is going to be silent when that happens!

  3. beaniehampton, I disagree. If I were planning an invasion, especially one where I was grossly outnumbered, silencers would be very handy.

  4. If his story is really true, then I say “God Bless this man”!
    I say it is not too late. In fact the time is better than ever.
    If only one thousand other Ferros could have been doing the same thing in a coordinated fashion, but not in the USA, instead using a third ‘sympathetic’ country (Costa Rica, Dom Rep, Guatemala) as a training and staging ground.
    All it would take is to just ‘liberate’ and hold to one single town in Cuba – along with several coordinated surgical strikes to (with several AH-64A Apache) show the people that the time has come – and….Raul will jump on a plane faster than you can say “‘AY… CARAJO!”

  5. Under the secret Kennedy-Khrushchev understandings that ended the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, the Kennedy Administration agreed to:
    1- Never invade Cuba again.
    2- Not allow Cuban exiles to invade Cuba from either the U.S. or any nation in the Western Hemisphere.
    3- Allowed a Soviet combat brigade to remain on the island, even though it violated the Monroe Doctrine.
    The understandings are still classified and have been honored by all U.S. administrations to the present day.

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