9 thoughts on “Nice autograph, eh Larry?”

  1. Attention Cuban Security Service Members: Sell your file U’Tube movie of the Senator perv while in Cuba, he looks like your typical guilty pedophile with an extensive file in Havana for easy manipulation and U.S gov leverage to lift the embargo, good money to be made segurosos..

  2. Segurosos; Excellent money to be made selling dirty movies made while visiting Cuba by Michael Moore, like his romp with billy goats (no other animals would have any part of him) mud cakes with Sean Penndejo, the Jeff Flake peeping show, Oliver Stone and his seven nights in jineterismo, Charlie Rangel and the Mulatas Botafogo….

  3. Frank Zappa – He’s So Gay Lyrics
    ENSEMBLE: (singing)
    He’s so gay
    He’s so gay
    He’s very very gay
    He’s so gay
    He’s so gay
    And he likes to be that way
    With his keys all on the right
    He’s into rubber every night
    He’s so gay
    He’s so gay
    He’s okay
    He’s okay
    He’s got a role he wants to play
    He’s okay
    He’s okay
    He’s just a cowboy for a day
    Of course, his evening’s not complete
    Without some meat in the seat;
    Let’s skate away
    Down Santa Monica today
    Maybe he wants a little spanking
    Maybe he’ll eat a little chain
    Maybe his lover should be thanking him
    For the way he makes it sprinkle
    Into drops of GOLDEN RAIN
    He’s so gay
    He’s so gay
    He rules the city in a way
    You could say
    You could say
    It’s sorta different today
    All the taffeta and chintz
    And every Leather Boy’s a PRINCE
    Hey hey hey!
    Please don’t look the other way
    You could be just like him
    Maybe you’ll get a chance
    To borrow
    His bouquet
    And maybe later…MAYBE LATER
    We’ll ALL BE

  4. Oh and Fidel, that’s a picture of Bruce and I in the Minneapolis Airport Mens’ Room.
    I’m the one tapping my right foot.

  5. Oh, yeah, Craig looks very straightforward and upfront to me. Salt of the earth and all that. A little creepy, too, but that’s probably bad lighting. Love the cow, I mean lady, grinning from ear to ear. Fidel is such a charmer!

  6. Larry Craig finally gets his comeuppance.
    You can’t make deals with the devil and help perpetuate the missery of 11 million people without having it boomerang back to you.

  7. Hmmm…the guy in the background certainly doesn’t look Cuban, which would make him part of Craig’s entourage, along with La Vache Qui Rit (aka the laughing cow). He looks pretty, um, alternative to me. Is he Craig’s personal assistant? Private secretary? An ex-bathroom attendant who’s moved up in the world? Hmmm…

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