The Commie Dictionary

I swear, one day Im going to put together a commie dictionary because everyone knows when a commie says one thing, it actually means another.
Case in point, and what brought idea to mind, the following from Free Republic:

According to AP: Defection fears to keep Cuban boxers at home

Cuba won’t send a boxing team to the world championships in Chicago, heeding Fidel Castro’s fears about future defections after two fighters abandoned their teammates during the Pan American Games.
“We will not expose anew a Cuban boxing team to the abuses and provocations that in this case will be present in Chicago, American territory, the perfect location for marketers and traffickers to act freely and with the total complicity of U.S. authorities,” the Cuban Boxing Federation said Wednesday.

Abuses and provocations.” Commie-speak for the lure of freedom and opportunity.

Hat tip: Kevin V.

2 thoughts on “The Commie Dictionary”

  1. I came to the US in 1960 but my mother didn’t get out until 1968. I remember asking her what it was like living in a communist/fascist state. She said, and I quote, “I would rather live here in the US homeless under a bridge.” I am guessing Cuban athletes who I presume live better than my mom did don’t have it so good either. Or could it be that the average person just wants to be left alone to follow whatever their dream is.

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