A Message for Miguel Cossio

Via Gusano at La Contra Revolucion, I learned that Miguel Cossio, news director at Canal 41refered to me and this blog, in reference to last Friday’s “fidel castro is dead” rumors, as “combustibly spreading the collective hysteria.
I, personally, dont feel the need to justify my actions or posts of last Friday, as they are still up for all to see and digest and discern. But it chaps my ass that an MSM editor feels the need to write an editorial about rumors and attempts to assign blame on this blog for same.
Now, farbeit for me to criticize such an esteemed member of the Mainstream Media – and I am loathe to do so out of respect for his past work in highlighting the Cuban reality – but I hardly think the news director of such a prominent member of the MSM should waste any time focusing and criticizing this humble blog. There are many many other important issues that Mr. Cossio could take pen to paper to discuss: political prisoners in Cuba; the fidel castro “written” editorials; strip mining in Oriente province; the real state of Cuba’s vaunted healthcare; chihuahuas and their biting effect on heels, etc…
I would think that a more apt use of his expertise and valuable time would be not to call out some “lowly blog” for actually telling its readers what is going on at some precise moment in time, but, say, for maybe exposing how his colleagues at the MSM tailor their coverage of Cuba to suit the Cuban regime, all to be able to remain on the island for the “big story.” We havent read much of that in the editorial pages of El Nuevo Herald or the Miami Herald, have we?
So, as the saying goes, Mr. Cossio, before you point your finger at the splinter in my eye, take care of the plank in yours.
And for the record, I, editor in chief of Babalu Blog, speaking only for myself, stand by the statement “fidel castro is dead.” Unless, of course, one of your colleagues, or yourself, decides to grow some balls, throw “the bureau” caution to the wind and go to Cuba, do some real investigative reporting and prove me wrong.
You can go back now to ruminating and dissecting, along with your editorial staff and “journalists”, fidel castro’s latest “editorial” and exactly what “he” means by it all, nipping chihuahuas and collective hysteria notwithstanding.

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  1. Val,
    Well said…why doesn’t anyone from the MSM launch an investigative report on whether or not Fifo is dead or alive? These types of blogs are the only ones telling the truth and asking these types of questions. We react to the rumours because there is so little “real” information coming from the MSM…fifo predicting the results of the 2008 election…gimme a break…how about “hey, this guy normally speaks for 6 hours during the 26th of July…this year he is not even there…this could be a good story for us (MSM) to investigate..oh wait, on second thought, that would be hard..let me just quote from Granma and collect my paycheck…

  2. I drank champaigne last Friday with my beautiful daughter and I intend to drink champaigne every Friday to celebrate castro’s death until there is impirical proof that the asshole is still alive. In fact, if it turns out he is still alive I am going to drink to his death anyway. Sooner or later it will be for real.

  3. Val, you have arrived! Just think, “your humble blog” as you call it is powerful and threatening enough to be criticized by a media outlet.
    As for me, it was fun while it lasted.
    Tirate lo en la espalda, or something like that my Mom says.

  4. I don’t get it.
    Reporters should not report “rumors,” but it is okay to report on reporters who report rumors?
    I know Cossio masked this as an editorial, but it just came across to me as if, for example, someone would write that you should never say the word “autoclave,” and then repeated the word over and over again.
    To be honest Val, I think he’s sore that everyone rushed to their computers last Friday to check out Babalu and Paris Hilton’s site instead of tuning into his news program to find out if fifo kicked the bucket.

  5. Glad to see that you are sticking to your word that Castro is dead.
    You chose to report it and now you have to stand by that statement.
    Bloggers are different than journalists because bloggers don’t get fired for speculation. I think that is this guy’s problem with you.
    However, I have it in my mind that so far you and Perez Hilton are the only two people that have claimed that Fidel is dead.
    He certainly can be so I am not saying you are wrong. I’m just saying that I remember that both of you (Cuban Americans) made the statement so I am waiting to see if it is true.

  6. Val, I have agreed with you all along that fidel is DEAD….DEAD….DEAD. I have celebrated both Fridays and I don’t regret it. You are speaking from information given to you by reliable sources and you have to go with it. I would hate for you to know something and not share it with the rest of us. We are all in this together. Mr. Cossio is just upset that people pay more attention to what you have to say than to his news. I know I do. Let’s celebrate again tomorrow!!!! HE IS ALREADY DEAD AND IN HELL.

  7. Val:
    The point that Cosio seems to gloss over or overlook is that when it comes to events in Cuba, especially Castro’s death, there is nothing but rumors because in Cuba the truth can only get out as a rumor since the official news is nothing but lies and propaganda.
    In this case , since Castro’s health is a state secret, revealing anything about it will buy you a one way ticket to the paredon. So these rumors that are scoffed at as if they were idle gossip, could have cost someone their life.
    If it weren’t for blogs like this one, we would never find out what’s going on since the MSM is not interested in the truth or in facts -and I don’t group Cosio in with this group-but what can be verified so as not to make waves,which in Cuba means by the regime.
    As a reader I prefer that any rumor be aired out so I can at leat stay informed. Not that I ever hear anything credible worth repeating, but if i did, as a contributor, I would not hesitate to post it and let the readers -who are educated-make their own choice as to wether they also find it credible.

  8. However, I have it in my mind that so far you and Perez Hilton are the only two people that have claimed that Fidel is dead.
    perhaps Perez Hilton and I are the only two people willing to state the fucking obvious in this case. tell me, Rob, are you sure he’s alive? Can you prove it?

  9. Gusano,
    I may not exactly put him in the same MSM category as others, but certainly the venue he chose for this editorial is worthy of that categorization.
    I’ll add that even if the rumors were begun from within the island (ie the regime), then his focusing this editorial on the subject helped those that started the rumors in the first place get exactly what they wanted.

  10. I am on record here, and at Blog for Cuba, confirming that I believe fidel castro is dead. This is based on the word of someone I consider an impeccable source. FTR, that someone has no relationship with Babalu or any other website.

  11. What Mr. Cossio forgot to inform his readers is that rumors began to flow in Miami AFTER the MSM made a real BIG deal about an article written by (in their own words: from a very credible journalist)Yolanda Martinez, correspondent for the Mexican newspaper “Reforma” in Havana, titled “Dread over Fidel’s health.”
    On August 13th 2007, Ms. Martinez reported that “persons with close access to castro’s family assert that his present state of health is very fragile and that in the past few weeks he has undergone several surgeries trying to stop what could turn out to be fatal septicemia.”
    What Mr. Cossio also forgot to inform his readers is that said article was read in its ENTIRETY, in Oscar Haza’s “A Mano Limpia” on Channel 41 where he just happens to be News Director.
    Needless to say, the news that castro had undergone several surgeries due to a possible fatal septicemia (please read near death) was music to my ears, as I’m certain it was to those that like me have been waiting 48+ years to celebrate. So what if we started to talk about it! Who the hell is Mr. Cossio to chastise us? He should be looking further south towards Cuba and questioning Ms. Martinez credibility (or lack thereof) as a journalist. Was she used as a pawn by the Cuban government or was she, a self-professed fidelista, a collaborator in all of this?
    If fifo is NOT dead … show him LIVE on TV.

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