Brilliant Observation

Fidel Castro is an ingrate. That must be what Sen. Christopher Dodd is thinking now that Cuba’s communist tyrant has endorsed a Democratic ticket of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.
After all Sen. Dodd has done for Castro in his three decades in Congress, one would think Castro might have given the senator’s languid presidential campaign a little boost…
Congress’ strongest proponent of normalized relations with Cuba and most reliable coddler of socialist dictators, Sen. Dodd beat back the nominations of such anti-communist diplomats as John Bolton, Otto Reich and Roger Noriega. His successes relieved international pressure on the Castro regime, led to today’s rising tide of socialism in Latin America and helped Castro’s latest sugar daddy, Hugo Chavez, turn back an attempted coup in 2002 that would have restored democracy to the Venezuelan people.
But this is the thanks one gets when one is a useful idiot.

H/T: Mora

2 thoughts on “Brilliant Observation”

  1. Kind of makes me wonder…
    For a U.S. Senator to works so enthusiastically and so diligently to endorse fifo and minime, the Cuban government’s DGI must have some real juicy stuff on him.

  2. Senator Dork……….er, I mean Dodd is just getting the same treatment he afforded to Senator Libberman. What else should Mr. Dork..Er.. I mean Dodd expect?

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