Mother in custody case accuses Magda Montiel Davis of fabricating evidence

Ira Kurzban and his wife are known castroites, a type not usually known for ethical behavior.
Excerpt from the Miami Herald:

Perez told Circuit Judge Jeri B. Cohen she had ”twisted things to favor” Izquierdo, whom she said she wants to regain custody of their daughter. ”The letters do not exist,” she told the judge, adding that it didn’t really matter because “pieces of paper do not show who he is.”
”He’s a good father,” Perez added.
”But were these fabricated letters?” the judge asked. “Who wrote them?”
Fighting tears, Perez at first said she was at Kurzban’s office earlier this month when Izquierdo’s attorneys gave her the letters and asked her to testify that Izquierdo had written them to her.
”I regard that as a pretty serious allegation,” Kurzban shot back. But Cohen continued to question Perez, and Kurzban was not allowed to speak.
A moment later, Perez changed part of her testimony. She said the meeting occurred at the office of Kurzban’s wife, Magda Montiel Davis, who is also an attorney on the case, practicing at a different office. Perez said Kurzban was not in the office, only Davis, Izquierdo and herself.
Perez told the judge the meeting occurred ”in the early evening hours,” and that she did not know exactly where Davis’s office is because she was driven there by a relative.
What was the point of the fabrication? the judge asked.
“For me to say I got these letters in Houston. To help the father of the child…. I would do anything for the girl to be with her father.”
”We felt we were not going to be found out,” Perez added. “I just accepted the idea… We parents will do anything we need to be with our children.”
When Cohen asked why Perez had decided to admit the lie now, Perez said her own lawyer had told her, an hour or two earlier, that it was against the law to lie while under oath, “that the name of the crime is perjury, and that it conveyed time in jail.”
The judge then told Perez she was unsure if she was telling the truth.
”It is very serious, if it’s true, for his lawyer,” Cohen added. “Lying to the court is concerning to me. It’s concerning to me. I don’t know if it’s true or not, because you have nothing to gain by it.”

Not being a lawyer, I have no idea how an allegation like this will affect the outcome of this case, but it is my opinion that Ira Kurzban and his wife are castro loving, unethical scum and it is about time they were caught.
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7 thoughts on “Mother in custody case accuses Magda Montiel Davis of fabricating evidence”

  1. Magda Montiel, Fidel Castro’s pupil, should be disbarred for fabricating evidence. It will be a travesty of justice if this girl is sent back to Cuba based on false facts. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

  2. If these allegations are true – and lets remember the mother in this case is a bit unstable – there’s gonna be some people Stuck On Dining major heaping portions or crow.

  3. As a FLA Attorney I can tell you that there will be a serious investigation, y si es verdad, Magda will be fried by the President of the FL Bar who is the FIRST! Cuban president. There are many Cuban-Americans in high places in the FLA Bar!
    Ira was my immigration Law Prof back in the day, nice guy butt shitty politics that saddens me greatly. Bottom line…….the word screwed comes to mind.

  4. George,
    Are you kidding? Magda Montiel is unfuckable. Ira Kurzban deserves a medal for marrying her.

  5. I am also an attorney licensed to practice law in Florida and Ira Kurzban was my Immigration Law Professor at the University of Miami. I agree that he is a nice guy, but by defending the interests of the Cuban government, as he constantly does, he has lost all of the respect that I had for him. I am sure that he will site the old adage that “he is defending the law and not the client”; however, I doubt he would defend Nazi interests if the players were changed (he is a Jew). He is also as left-wing as they come and only takes on cases that lean left, i.e., he would never take on a Republican cause no matter how much they would pay him , or how much the law was being infringed upon. I know him personally and can say unequivically that his altruistic claims are a farce, I know his true motives and belives and there is nothing altruistic about them.
    Unfortunately, I doubt that anything will happen to him or his wife given the obvious confused state of mind and lack of competency of the witness; therefore, absent another competent witness coming forward to substaniate the allegations of fabrication of evidence, it looks like they are going to get away with it. The fabrication of evidence is a very serious charge against an attorney that, if proven, would cost the guilty attorney his or her ability to practice law in Florida. Regardless of the outcome in this case, at least the girl got her day in court, which is somehting that was denied to Elian by Clinton and Reno/man.

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