Drumroll please…..

While we wait for the Cuban government to announce, “officially”, that fidel castro is jumping rope with Beelzebub, here’s a news item that hasnt received much play in the MSM:

Cuba issues first invitation to UN rapporteur
Published on Friday, August 31, 2007
GENEVA, Switzerland (AFP): Cuba issued its first invitation to a UN human rights special rapporteur Thursday, the UN said hailing the move.
Jean Ziegler, UN’s special rapporteur on the right to food, announced that he had been invited to the communist island for a visit between October 28 and November 6.
“It’s a major first,” he declared. “It is a precedent: the Cubans will not be able to refuse visits of other UN rapporteurs,” he added.
“The Cubans have found solutions regarding the right to food in difficult conditions,” Ziegler told the Swiss news agency ATS.
Ziegler, a Swiss sociologist, will report to the UN human rights council when he returns from his visit.
Last June, Havana managed to get the post of UN special representative on human rights issues in Cuba abolished, a widely criticised decision.
The incumbent, French lawyer Christine Chanet, had asked to be relieved of her duties after Havana refused to cooperate with her.

Let’s all get this straight, folks: Cuba has not allowed a UN Human Rights official into the island for over 2 score years. It is also now a member of the brand spanking new UN Human Rights “Council.”
Truth is truly stranger than fiction sometimes.

5 thoughts on “Drumroll please…..”

  1. Perez Hilton has a defensive post against the WSJ and still standing by his sources that Castro is dead, he claims they are govt. sources.
    that said, Perez is a second generation cuban-american and gay and hates Repubs. He loves Obama so I’m sure it tore him up to see the article by Castro supporting Obama.

  2. Please refer to the comments for the “Round Two” thread below for the latest on Jose Marti’s response to an American newspaper’s vilification of the Cuban people.

  3. I’m reminded of the scene from “Team America: World Police”…
    “If you do not comply, we are going to send a VERY angy letter informing you of just how ANGRY we are with you!”
    The fact that the UN “hails” Cuba for allowing a short window for this to happen only after it is part of the the commission is laughable.
    The question gets asked rhetorically over and over and with every issue, pero coño it is always so fitting: What if this had been ANY other country. If the French or the Mexicans or the Russians or the South Africans… hell… Tahiti for God’s sake. Fill in the blank any way you like… what if they had tried to pull a stunt like this?
    Incredible. I wish there was an expression in English that meant the same thing as “Esto no tiene nombre” because it would be more than helpful in expressing my frustration to non-Cubans I talk to about this.

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