Gracias, MHampton

The official announcement has not come, but the following, the following, folks, is just a good and has lumped my throat:

Dear Val,
This is in response to Alina, though not specifically.
Unlike most of your readers, I am not a first generation, second or even third generation Cuban American. I am a 12th generation European American (from Scotland) and a 3rd generation German American (on my Grandmother’s side).
I am proud to say that I have never been to Cuba (since I was born in 1958, that would mean acknowledging the killer-dictator or supporting his actions). I can’t even say that I know any Cubanos personally – of which I am neither proud nor ashamed, it is simply a fact. So, I have no real links to Cuba or our plight. And I don’t know how I found your web page, probably by a link to a link, but am glad I have.
I just wanted to let you and your readers know that you don’t have to be Cuban to know that Castro is evil. And you don’t have to be from Cuba to be able to see that he has destroyed a beautiful country and tormented its people for a half-century. I also want you to know that you don’t have to be Cuban-American to be appalled, but not surprised, that Alina’s teacher would declare “Viva Castro”. That we are all appalled, but not surprised, when Obama makes ridiculous comments and Oliphant and the Washington comPost insult Cubans without concern. And I wanted to see Janet Reno thrown into a Cuban prison for her rape of Elian (it helps that I totally dislike Clinton – both of them).
Most people think this is a Cuban-American / Castro disagreement, but I guess I am not like most people. I see this as a fight between those who believe in the good of man over men who want to destroy that good. Hollywood looks at Castro as a star, while the stars weep for the misery he has caused.
I believe that one day the border between the US and Cuba will be more open than the US with Canada. That, one day, Cuba will be re-established as the jewel of the Western Hemisphere where free people and economy prosper for all the world to see. I believe that the pain and suffering of those living there and you who suffer with them will be as Lazarus in the Bible (Lk 16:19-31). You will all live in comfort and peace while the “rich man” is in torment and begging that a good Cuban “dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue”
And, most of all, I believe that you and your readers will make it so.
Thank you for your effort and endurance.
Vive Cuba y Cubanos y muerte al dictador que vive de tu sangre y sudor (from BableFish Translator – “and death to the dictator who lives on your blood and sweat.”)

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  1. Not only a lump in my throat, but a few tears are also streaming down my face. MHampton, thank you!
    Val, if you ever need reassurance of why you do this, please read the e-mail from MHampton. It will give you your answer.

  2. TO MHampton:
    You ARE my brother!. Thank you. I am proud and privileged to live as you do in this, the greatest of Nations on Gods green earth. Some day..sooner that later, we will also be able to celebrate a truly free Cuban Nation.

  3. Amen, and this why this country is great, because of decent and honorable people like MHampton
    God bless you sir and thank you

  4. There are an awful lot of us out there that believe the same way, friends. I’m as a Connecticut yuppie, and the closest I come to Cuban blood is being part English. Still, I come to this blog every day, hoping and praying to see that the bearded bastard is finally in hell.

  5. AAAAA—MEN From this English/Irish/Scottish/Cherokee!
    Gods willing, may we all meet one day on a beautiful beach in a free Cuba!

  6. I, also, am not Cuban-American. I have had the pleasure of having 2 second-generation Cuban-American students, and to work as a secretary for a Cuban-American attorney. Yet even before I met them, I still agreed whole-heartedly with MHampton’s sentiments. And I still agree whole-heartedly. This struggle isn’t about exiles vs. Castro. It’s very much about good vs. evil. With hope, good will triumph very soon.

  7. Thank you Mhampton! I too, am hoping against all hope for a miracle, maybe on the feast of our Lady of Charity.
    And to show my appreciation I am going to have a wee dram of Scotland’s finest product, a finely age single malt scotch. I think tonight is the night for an Ardbeg… And when Varadero opens up, there will be a mojito on me for Mhampton!

  8. Bravo.
    I’m not Cuban-American either (in fact I dare say there is not a single drop of latin blood in my veins) but I still feel for the Cuban exiles. I remember when it was anounced some time ago that Castro was seriously ill and it was speculated that he had died in hospital. It warmed my heart to watch the Cubans in Miami literally dancing in the street at the thought that Castro might be pushing up daisies.
    I guarantee you that, when Castro finally does die, the Cubans won’t be the only ones dancing.

  9. You rock, MHampton. It’s nice to see that the exiles and their children (I am one of the latter)are not the only ones that see the truth.

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