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When hell freezes over in Cuban?

Pro-democracy petition architect asks parliament to abolish electoral law, hold new elections
The Associated PressPublished: August 30, 2007
HAVANA: The architect of the Varela Project pro-democracy drive asked Cuba’s parliament to abolish and replace the country’s electoral law and hold free, democratic general elections as soon as possible.
In the letter addressed to the president of Cuba’s national assembly, Oswaldo Paya also asked for a change in existing laws to guarantee citizens “freedom of expression, respect for diverse opinions existing in society and access by all citizens and opinions to mass media.”
A copy of the letter and an accompanying news release were hand-delivered by messenger to The Associated Press on Thursday evening.
The latest move by Paya, among Cuba’s best-known dissidents, appeared aimed at reviving the long-shelved Varela Project just as communist-run Cuba gears up for municipal elections this fall.
There was no immediate official reaction to the new initiative, which was announced after government offices closed for the day.

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