Fear strikes at the heart of WaPo

The Washington Post decides to publish this, but it won’t publish this. I guess since those courageous muckrakers at the Post don’t fear us law-abidin’ nuisances, it’s OK to insult us.

Here’s a little message to the Post and those dear deluded CSJ graduates that work there: it’s OK to publish both cartoons. But at least have the balls to publish letters criticizing you for doing it.

4 thoughts on “Fear strikes at the heart of WaPo”

  1. Have any idea how many Arabs/Muslims/disaffected middle easterners live in the DC area? Been there lately?

    The Post is doing the PC thing to protect its lily-white bootie from the wrath of imams and possible paperboys wearing suicide belts in its facilities. Yes, it’s a double standard; but with the Post, that’s a genetic deficiency.

  2. Well, it could hardly be more obvious, and it shows the Post precisely for what it is. They can’t possibly be unaware of the scathing irony here, but of course they don’t care, because they’re convinced they don’t have to. Sadly, it looks like they’re right about that.

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