Thug is no match for political prisoner

Dr. José Luis García Paneque

The communist dictatorship of fidel castro is not driven by philosophy or a particular world view.

It is driven by a thirst for absolute power, backed by the willingness to use whatever terrible means neccessary to hold that power and to crush, in ways subtle and brutish, anyone who dares challenge it.

fidel castro’s rule is that of a thugacracy, and for almost 50 years, he has been the thug-in-chief.

Even with castro on his death bed — or in some freezer, if you have concluded he already is dead — his evil is at work at the Las Mangas prison, in Bayamo, where Cuban political prisoner José Luis García Paneque last week was beaten severely.

castro’s agent at Las Mangas doing his dirty work on García, a journalist and former physician, was not some prison guard, but a common prisoner, probably no less a piece of scum than the dictator himself.

In an e-mail, Laida Carro of the Coalition of Cuban-American women explains:

According to Moralinda Paneque Martinez, mother of the prisoner of conscience, a common criminal threatened her son during the August 28th afternoon count of prisoners. The thug shouted, “Hey you! Get up!” When the Cuban doctor answered the inmate that he did not take orders from other prisoners, the inmate left and returned that same night during the evening count, confronting Dr. Garcia Paneque again. “I’ve come back so you can tell me again what you said this afternoon.” Before Dr. Garcia Paneque could finish giving him the same response, the inmate attacked Dr. Garcia Paneque and punched him so hard that the doctor fell to the floor with a wound above the left eyebrow.

Dr. Garcia Paneque had to be taken to the Prisoners Ward of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Hospital in Bayamo. It took four stitches to close the wound. Last June, in this same hospital, Dr. Garcia Paneque was admitted and diagnosed with a kidney tumor and pneumonia. His body weight is just over 100 lbs. (48 kilos), and he suffers from Intestinal Mal Absorption Syndrome, a condition that causes chronic bouts of diarrhea and bleeding colitis.

Something unusual occurred on the evening of August 29th, however. An agent from State Security went to visit Moralinda Paneque around dusk to explain to her that her son was inflamed but “OK.”

It has been a common practice of the Cuban prison authorities to confine political prisoners along side violent common criminals as a method of physical and mental torture. Cuban State Security constantly offers privileges to common criminals provided that they provoke, attack, and humiliate, political prisoners in Cuba.

castro and his supporters, defenders and appeasers — in Cuba and around the world — all have the blood of José Luis García Paneque, all political prisoners, on their hands. The thug’s toadies, whether some prison guard, a famous rock band or a disgraced U.S. senator, can pretend they don’t know what is going on, but their denials will not protect them from swift justice when their crimes are finally revealed in, and by, a free Cuba.

In the meantime, please pray for José Luis García Paneque, and all Cuban political prisoners.

To read more about García and the recent assault against him, go here.

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