The Castro Broadcasting Service

A few weeeks back I made mention of CBS News executives meeting with the Cuban Government in Havana:

A TVNewser tipster tells us, and a CBS News spokesperson confirms, that CBS News & Sports President Sean McManus and Evening News EP Rick Kaplan are in Cuba. The spokesperson could not tell TVNewser the mission of the trip. However, Kaplan has met with Cuban president Fidel Castro on past occasions, dating back to 1978.

No word yet on whether journalistic integrity received a nice swathing of vaseline before the big…um… push.

The Castro Broadcasting System. Has a nice ring to it, n’est pas?

Apparently, a couple weeks is time enough for the “news” network – that’s the same network, folks, that tried to change the outcome of a US presidential election using blatantly falsified documents – to wait before broadcasting the Cuban government’s propaganda, verbatim and as ordered.

Towit, today’s CBS Evening News Headline:

“Five Heroes” From Cuba Await Their Fate

Maybe those news execs over at CBS are still sore over the 2000 election?

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  1. Another sickening display from the liberal/left dominated media in the US. With their control of TV, print, movie industry and academia I sometimes wonder if I’m not living in a ‘controlled’ society. They are masters at subtle manipulation and would draw raves from someone like Joseph Goebbels. Not only are they doing everything possible to keep those bastards on the island in power forever, but they are also working feverishly to destroy us at home.

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