Hey Ralphie boy….

You may already know that the cadaver in chief has “penned” yet another editorial for Granma, and I havent covered it because frankly, dead dictators dont draft delusional discourses, but I simply could not pass up the following absolute perfection, from Gusano at La Contra Revolucion:

Castro, the great economist, the dictator who could not even provide his people with toilet paper, the leader whose every grandiose scheme for economic growth and independence failed miserably, the man that brought us the mini-cow and countless other bovine experiments, the man with thousands of failed get Cuba rich schemes-THE Ralph Kramdem of dictators-(who used to tell his long suffering wife Alice she lived in the “lap of luxury”-just like Castro tells the Cuban people), now tells us that there’s going to be a recession because of Viet-Nam?!?

The Ralph Kramden of dictators! I just cant get enough of that.

Read the whole thing right here.

6 thoughts on “Hey Ralphie boy….”

  1. “One of these days, Alice, one of these days. Pow! Right in the kisser! Bang! Zoom! To the moon, Alice, to the moon!”

  2. In a way like Ralph Kramden – he drives el autobus alright – right over Cuba for the last 48 years.
    His knowledge of economics, however is more like Ed
    Norton “addressing the ball!”


  3. Hey Val, any comments about fmr CANF chief Joe Garcia’s interview with the Miami Sun Post. Where
    talked of how there was something wrong with Cuban culture, not just Fidel; how the Nicaraguans, and other Central Americans are going to go to the party of Harkin, Kerry, et al. How we can’t imagine losing, that’s why we’re in Iraq

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