Taking a break from the usual politics, it seems we are full of happy happenings here at Babalu. Henry is discovering the pleasures of being the father of twins, Val’s better half está de cumpleaños, and me, well I just got upgraded from a best friend tía to madrina.

So aside from the regular responsibilities I will promise in front of God, can someone please let me know my financial responsibilities regarding el bautizo? You know, cake, gown, etc.?

4 thoughts on “<i>Madrina</i>”

  1. I don’t know much about the financial aspect of it, but as an ahijada, I can attest that it’s more about being there for her for everything, the good the bad and the ugly. Who pays for what at the ceremony won’t matter in a few years. Right, Padrino? 😉

    Oh, and check with your family members and see if there’s a gown that can be borrowed for the occasion.(maybe yours?) It will make it more special.

  2. Amanda, mine won’t fit. I was baptized at a month old, and this baby will be 6+ by the time she gets baptized.

    As for the rest, I’m very well aware. I had a wonderful madrina that set the bar pretty high!

  3. Venti, your first responsibility is sending money, lots of it. Send a cashiers check to Pitbull Enterprises, Attention: Christening Department, 1959 Slawson Cutoff, Tsouris, California 99988, and I’ll handle the rest…

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