John Stossel vs. Michael Moore


Well ABC is already promoting its segment about Cuban health care and by all accounts they are going to take Michael Moore and his pack of lies to the woodshed.

Click this link. You should see a video on the right hand side of your screen that says “20/20 In Touch: Sneak Peak” click on that and after a short commercial you will see a 4 minute promo for the segment which will air tomorrow night at 10:00 PM.

You can also download a video podcast of the promo by clicking here (you’ll probably need iTunes or other compatible video player to view it).

Congrats to George from for all his hard work.

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6 thoughts on “John Stossel vs. Michael Moore”

  1. If the promo is any indication, it’s a sslAAAAM DUH-NK!!!!!!!!!

    Que asqueroso el gordo ripiera ese; he can’t handle anybody who gets in his face with facts — I’ve seen him twice confronted by two people rubbing dirty facts in his face, and he swerves off his orbit.

    Good job, whoever did the research.

  2. That’s right, that’s his usual reaction to hard-core confrontation of his phony stories.

    Colonel Jessup to Moore: “You CAN’T HANDLE the truth!”


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