Johnny la mula

This video is from a Cuban rap group called Hoyo Colorao. The title refers to a “mule” named Johnny who returns to Cuba with American dollars. His business is to take packages to Cuba. While I obviously disagree with the anti-American, anti-exile sentiment of the song, my disdain for people like “Johnny the Mule” who think anything in Cuba can be bought is probably pretty close to the song’s author. And I’ll throw in the Spanish, French and English tourists who share Johnny’s sentiments. The actual song starts about one minute in.

H/T: TV News babe, Maria Elvira Salazar

5 thoughts on “Johnny la mula”

  1. Really interesting video. I attended some college in Havana, and I can see how this would speak to the youth there. Here they are studying and sweating away at the university while nearby tourists are enjoying accomodations they have never had. And included in those tourists are Cuban Americans who, like it or not, go back with U.S. dollars and use them in ways not unlike the French and Canadian visitors. I’m not saying this is everyone, but there are some. This video is a response to that, a response that says, you may think you’re better but you’re not. It’s unfortunate things have come to this. It shows how many barriers there are going to be to break down on the day, if it ever arrives, that exiles go back.

  2. While I also don’t agree with everything the song has to say, as a musician I love the idea of sharing ideas through music. It’s a damn good song, and kudos to Henry for sharing a different perspective.

    My favorite part of the video was when the “border” gets erased between Florida and Cuba. That’s something I think we can all agree on…!!!!

  3. What caught my eye was the clip from “Memorias del Subdesarollo”. I don’t think anyone can call himself a true film buff without having that one in their collection.

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