The more I read about this case…

The shadier it looks.

In the custody case of the Cuban little girl we learn from the Herald’s report this morning that the mother of the girl, who has accused the attorneys working on behalf of the girl’s father of asking her to lie to the court and fabricate evidence, has also been living in the home of the secretary of one of those attorneys:

During her lengthy testimony Tuesday, Perez mentioned that she was living with one of Davis’ secretaries.

Perez’s living arrangement prompted concern from attorneys for both the DCF and the Guardian ad Litem Program. They said they were unaware Perez was staying with an employee of the opposing counsel.

Perez had been staying with Davis’ secretary since Friday, the same day Cohen said she was concerned about Perez’s apparently shaky mental state. The judge was not aware that Perez, who had been living in a rented efficiency, was staying with Davis’ secretary.

Here you have a mentally unstable witness staying in the residence of an employee of one of the litigant’s attorneys. God knows what kind of undue influence they are trying to exercise on her. But it’s not surprising considering that the attorneys, Ira Kurzban and Magda Montiel, are avowed castroites.

Here’s Magda Montiel kissing fidel castro in Havana in a meeting where she called him “a great teacher”.


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  1. Considering all the fuss over the kiss, he could have at least given her some tongue. But you know Fifo, never give any more than you absolutely have to–and besides, she’s not exactly, uh, tempting.

  2. Magda Montiel looks like the witch from Snow White. I’m not kidding. Damn, She got hit in the face with an ugly stick.

  3. I live a couple of blocks from them – she is uglier in person…she never wears make up and sometimes walks around the neighborhood without shoes. Sucia! Yuk!

  4. She looks like the female monkey professor in the original Planet of the Apes, that particular monkey was off course a traitor to her own kind…

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