4 thoughts on “The world has gone mad”

  1. You’re absolutely correct George, however, and I’m inclined to believe that a well versed person such as you already knows, these spurts of extremism and hatred filled nonsensical acts, have a tendency to become more common and subsequently more noticeable, whenever there’s a perception of weakness of the social and civic order, the twentieth century was replete with these facts, but apparently, the lessons of history are cyclically discarded in favor of pure nonsensical fallacy, a.k.a. feel-good, appeasement ideology. Need I mention Arthur Neville Chamberlain, James “Jimmy” Earl Carter, William “Bill” Jefferson Clinton? I think not.

    This particular instance does not surprise me, these youths were born and raised in the latter days of the former Soviet Union and in the chaotic early years of the C.I.S., we know (in my case from first hand experience, I was 14 years, 5 months and 4 days old when I left Cuba in 1972) that ideological indoctrination was the daily norm, it is not unexpected that the failure to emulate the de-nazification program instituted by the Western allies post WW II in Germany et al. would have serious consequences.

  2. I know, Angel. But it’s still mind-boggling. You can draw the same parallels in your comment to our country and the hate-filled extremism that surrounds us from the left, ready at any moment I think, to explode our placid view of our world.

    BTW, your trifecta choice was perfect: Arthur Neville Chamberlain, James “Jimmy” Earl Carter, William “Bill” Jefferson Clinton. Three peas in a pod.

  3. The Soviet Union, before and after communism, has had a very long history of hatred toward the Jew; it didn’t start with Stalin or anybody else after him. To this day, there is deep anti-Semitism and disdain for Jews, which may underlie the massive exodus of Jews from Russia over the past decade or so. While it’s commendable that Israel is willing and eager to take in so many of them, it’s insane not to have a tighter screening process in place, particularly knowing the facts of history. Russia has never been a friend of Israel. Nor will it be.

  4. Bigotry is rooted in ignorance, and not only were these young men truly ignorant, they were downright STUPID for even imagining that they could pull a stunt like that in the middle of a primarily Jewish country. That’s as dumb as the KKK starting a club in Harlem. They were asking for the ass-kicking they deserve and will probably get.

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