11 thoughts on “El Intransijente”

  1. Well, Mariana, the fact is Alarcon WISHES he were Raul (Castro), so he could at least be nominally in charge, so it kinda fits.

  2. Val, my dad went to the Univesity of Havana with Mr. Richard Alarcon, yes, that’s right, when he was in the University of Havana, he insisted that everyone called him “Richard” instead of Ricardo. When my dad told me that, I found it so ironic. I guess he wanted to be American back then.

  3. Very funny. I’ll make sure to stop by next time I am in Miami for a good Grilled Raul Castro.

    The only thing is that the correct spelling is Intransigente; intrasijente does not exist in Spanish.

  4. For some reason, he spells it “Intransijente.” Both Val and I wanted to ask him why, but we got so deep into Cuba talk that we forgot all about it.

    It could be a typo by whoever made his signs and he just ran with it. I plan to eat there again soon and will remember to ask him the story behind the “j.”

  5. They should have a Celia Hart Tortilla. That way Janet Reno will know what to order if she shows up. Also, in case there’s a wait for a table, I think a Vilma Espin Screw-driver would be just the ticket.

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