2 thoughts on “September 11, 2001”

  1. George, very powerful pictures. Those images have stayed in my mind all these years. The first thing I did this morning was to make sure and pin my american flag on before leaving for work and saying a prayer for all those that lost their lives that day. I still have an american flag with a yellow and a purple ribbon that I placed in my cubicle on September 12th. It will not come down ever! And I agree with you: I WILL NOT SUBMIT!!!!

  2. Powerful fotos. I will never, ever forget; unfortunately, way too many Americans have. That myopic, short-term memory will cost this nation dearly if we put in power those weak-kneed, vacillating cowards from the left. Forgetting what happened 6 years ago is what put the wrong people in control of Congress. Lets hope we recover by NOV ’08, otherwise the sites and sounds will eventually be more horrific. Look at those fotos real hard, then trust me when I say that Iraq was necessary because of what was revealed to us on 9/11. It’s painful and messy, but war always is, but after 9/11, we had no choice – if we cared about the future of our nation, society, culture, and civilization.

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