5 thoughts on “A funny missive from El Cirujano”

    May I suggest that the next time that you are deer skinning in your backyard, you play this Frank Zappa song (easy to download) at full volume:

    He’s So Gay
    Artist(Band):Frank Zappa

    ENSEMBLE: (singing)
    He’s so gay
    He’s so gay
    He’s very very gay
    He’s so gay
    He’s so gay
    And he likes to be that way
    With his keys all on the right
    He’s into rubber every night
    He’s so gay
    He’s so gay

    He’s okay
    He’s okay
    He’s got a role he wants to play
    He’s okay
    He’s okay
    He’s just a cowboy for a day

    Of course, his evening’s not complete
    Without some meat in the seat;
    Let’s skate away
    Down Santa Monica today

    Maybe he wants a little spanking
    Maybe he’ll eat a little chain
    Maybe his lover should be thanking him
    For the way he makes it sprinkle
    Into drops of GOLDEN RAIN

    He’s so gay
    He’s so gay
    He rules the city in a way
    You could say
    You could say
    It’s sorta different today
    All the taffeta and chintz
    And every Leather Boy’s a PRINCE
    Hey hey hey!
    Please don’t look the other way

    You could be just like him
    Maybe you’ll get a chance
    To borrow
    His bouquet
    And maybe later…MAYBE LATER
    We’ll ALL BE

  2. A real hunter doesn’t need to defend his manhood by writing a stereotype-filled diatribe about a drunken exposition which would have gotten his ass kicked in NE Florida, deservedly for the lack of hospitality, humility and inability to hold his drink.

  3. It isn’t stereotyping in the pejorative sense if Humberto’s new neighbor really is a swish. Are we not supposed to describe what really happens any more just on the chance someone might think we mean something more than we say? Stereotyping involves the application of perceived commonalities to folks you haven’t even met. After you get to know someone, describing them correctly is not stereotyping.

    Same with any kind of prejudice. It is only prejudicial to make up your mind before you know. Once you know, you are free to make judgments.

    We should feel free to call a spade a spade once we have seen it. (If you think that last sentence was racist, then you have a racist mind.)

  4. PTG, I can only hope this is a work of fiction. And if it is, it is definitely filled with lazy stereotypes and not just that of his neighbor. The man can write better. However, if you think this is his reality, the mere fact that he throws out his guests’ silverware raises questions about just why he would entertain company in his home to begin with. And worse, a guy who can’t hold his drink and projects his misery onto other people isn’t really much of a man.

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