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Here’s a doozie:

Fidel Castro says U.S. fooled world over 9/11

Tue Sep 11, 2007 9:58pm ET147

HAVANA (Reuters) – Ailing Cuban leader [f]idel [c]astro said the U.S. government misinformed Americans and the world about 9/11, echoing conspiracy theories about the terror attacks against the United States six years ago.

In an essay read by a Cuban television presenter on Tuesday night, [c]astro said the Pentagon was hit by a rocket, not a plane, because no traces were found of its passengers.

“Today one knows there was deliberate misinformation,” wrote [c]astro, who has not appeared in public since July of 2006 when life-threatening surgery for a secret illness forced him to hand over power to his brother [r]aul [c]astro.

“Studying the impact of planes, similar to those that hit the Twin Towers, that had accidentally fallen on densely populated cities, one concludes that it was not a plane that crashed into the Pentagon,” Castro said.

“Only a projectile could have caused the geometrically round hole that allegedly was made by the plane,” he said.

“We were fooled like the rest of the planet’s inhabitants,” he wrote.

[c]astro said the truth behind the September 11 attacks with hijacked planes that killed nearly 3,000 people will probably never be known.

[c]astro’s 4,256-word essay made no mention of Osama bin Laden and his militant Islamist al Qaeda network behind the attacks on New York’s World Trade Center and Washington.

[c]astro, who was the target of CIA assassination plots after his 1959 revolution, said Cuba tipped off U.S. security services in 1984 about a plan to kill then President Ronald Reagan while he campaigned for re-election in North Carolina.

The information provided by Cuba led to the arrest of a group of would-be assassins and foiled the plot, he wrote.

Pretty active for a maximum leader that hasn’t been seen in public in over a year. Formaldehyde works wonders…

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  1. So, the government did it, does that mean Bin Laden is a plant? A stooge that is working for us? I’m confused…..

  2. It’s absolutely disgusting how the mainstream media constantly publishes EVERY SINGLE word that fidel [allegedly] utters.[That’s why there is no need to sell Granma in the USA] It’s has if they’re waiting with baited breath for him to open his mouth. I don’t think that the media published Pinochet’s, Somoza’s, Stroessner’s, The Shah of Iran’s, or President Marcos of the Phillipine’s opinion pieces. Anyhow, what takes this from the level of disgusting to repulsive is that nobody questions whether castro is actually writing those editorials. The fact that he is probably dead doesn’t even register in their minds.

  3. I don’t believe what I wrote below – just writting what I hear out there from the kooks.

    Well they say the Mossad planned it all to get the USA into the war to wipe out Israel’s enemies – for us to do the dirty work…and to get the oil of course…a neocon conspiracy…and you know “neocon” is a code word for…that all the people of Jewish ancestry were warned by central command not to go to work that 9/11 in the WTC…the bodies found where taken from mourges…the people who were on the planes where taken to a remote airforce base and were executed…thermite bombs were planted in the towers…the palnes that crashed into the WTC were really special effect holograms…the mossad agents dancing up and down in a Jersey City roof top filming the towers falling…to the Left Bush is mentally an infant but yet they say he plannned the whole thing…or he is a puppet and his VP and Haliburton planned all…

    Crazy stuff people believe. I don’t. Cuba would believe something like that – you can’t argue with crazies.

  4. Someone send that f****** idiot El Gusano Presidente the links to 9/11 Myths, Debunking 911, and the various Loose Change debunking sites.

    “”Only a projectile could have caused the geometrically round hole that allegedly was made by the plane,” he said.”

    Yes. The “projectile” was flight 77. The round hole was on an inside wall; it was made by a combination of the exploding fuel and detached pieces of the jet, not the fuselage itself. What the hell was he expecting, an outline of the plane? Most people don’t measure their reality from cartoon physics.

    “Castro said the Pentagon was hit by a rocket, not a plane, because no traces were found of its passengers.”

    This idiot can’t even research right. The “no bodies” myth refers to Flight 93 crashing in Pennsylvania, not Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon! As a matter of fact, the conspiracy theorists complaint about Flight 77 and dead bodies was about how they could be identified when they were burnt beyond any capacity to identify them. It was never that no bodies were ever found!

    (Ps. That complaint is fallacious. I’m merely stating it as existing, not stating it as truth)

    The way the passenger jets crashed into the Twin Towers in New York on September 11 and the data from the plane’s black boxes “do not correspond with the criteria of mathematicians, seismologists, and information and demolition specialists,” Castro said.” (Source: AFP Google news)

    Incorrect. They don’t correspond with the criteria of professors of religion (David Ray Griffin), far right-wing talk radio hosts (Alex Jones), or the 15 year old fans of the movie Loose Change. They certainly do correspond with the criterion of engineering professors, working structural engineers, demolition industry specialists and publications.

    “Castro said that Cuba offered to donate blood after the tragedy, and that Cuban security services had earlier warned US officials of planned strikes, including information on a planned attempt on then-president Ronald Reagan’s life.”

    1. The US intelligence agencies are overloaded with “warnings” of attacks.
    2. And Castro also sends his doctors abroad to client countries, often at the expense of his own people merely for political gain, not for kindness. I’m less inclined to think the blood offer was genuine care than it was an attempt to capitalize on tragedy by presenting a caring image. I’ll accept that the Kenyan cow donation was truly from the heart, but Castro’s history keeps me from believing the blood offer was anything approaching benevolence.

    I already had a low opinion of Castro’s intelligence, low enough to where I didn’t think it could sink any lower. Guess I was wrong about that; it could and certainly did plumb new depths.

  5. ElMondo,

    I hope youre referring to castro’s intelligence “agencies” in that last statement, becuase castro’s actual intelligence might be hard to get to given that he’s already dead as a dorrnail.

  6. El Mondo,

    Please, don’t refer to that rotten caucus as el “gusano” Presidente! The exalted title of gusano/gusana belongs ONLY to Cuban exiles.

  7. fidel castro, TRUTHER extraordinaire. I guess Michael Moore couldn’t convince him that 9/11 wasn’t just another Hollywood production.

  8. Val,
    I’m not so sure he’s dead. Him dying would do Cuba a favor, and he’s managed to avoid doing Cuba any favors for what, 30-plus years now?

    But regardless of who wrote the speech, idiocies are idiocies, whether penned by Castro or ghostwritten by some Castroite flack somewhere. That speech was full of ignorant declarations.

    My apologies. I’m not Cuban myself, and I’m so old school I base my derogatory description of the “Worm” president on an old, old book by Baynard Kendrick called “Flight from a Firing Wall”. When I was into a shamefully fun period of reading pulp fictions as a kid many years ago, I stumbled across that work, and one line that resonated from it was an exiled character calling Fidel “El Gusano”. I thought, “Worm. How fitting”, and have been ripping Castro with that remark ever since. I never connected that with his calling of refugees “gusanos”, nor did I think of the possibility that the exile crowd would wear the term as a badge of honor. Maybe I should find some other descriptive term for the possibly late but definitely unlamented Fidel Castro. Something involving the word “excremento”, maybe…

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