9 thoughts on “Where’s fidel?”

  1. Sorry, Ziva, that’s a female skeleton. It’s an anatomical/biological supply skeleton used at medical schools. Sometimes those companies combine male and female skeletons to build one. That skull is definitively female, according to my expert source on such osteological matters.
    You can buy human bones online at
    Take note, santeros, where to obtain your ritualistic tibias.

  2. Ziva,

    Like they say, A PICTURE SPEAKS A THOUSAND WORDS! LOL! If Oliphant weren’t so busy attacking the Cuban exile community, this could become the political cartoon of the year!

  3. Did any of you just catch Alarcon on CNN? Wolf hammered him pretty good on the Castro’s 9/11 “editorial” in Granma and Alarcon stumbled. He was the worst I have ever seen him on TV. I think they are replaying it tonight. It is worth the time.

  4. Desperate pro-Castroites are determined to erase data showing that Fidel Castro is illegitimate, e,g, he is a bastard in the full technical sense.


  5. Looks as if fidel is “shilling” for admission to the Skull & Bones Society; doubt he can stomach the membership requirements at this point.

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