Cop Killer’s brother is another murderer with a Cuba connection – UDATED

As many of may know, there’s a fugitive on the loose in Miami. He shot 4 cops, killing one of them. Well, it turns out that this scumbag’s half-brother, Ishmael Ali LaBeet, is a mass murderer who hijacked a plane to Cuba in 1984.

This 2002 article tells us a little bit about the murdering bastard that this latest murdering bastard learned from.

LaBeet, who would now be 55, was believed to be the leader of the gang that gunned down eight people at the Fountain Valley golf course on Sept. 6, 1972. He is one of 74 people on the FBI’s list of fugitives believed to be living in Cuba today…

He’s not the only US fugitive living in Cuba, not by a long shot. In addition to Labeet is:

Assata Shakur, formerly known as Joanne Chesimard, is a former Black Panther who escaped prison in 1979 after having been convicted of killing a New Jersey state trooper.

She and Guillermo Morales, a member of the Puerto Rican separatist group Armed Forces of National Liberation (known by its acronym in Spanish, FALN) who escaped prison in 1979 after being convicted of firearm violations, are among those who made their way to Cuba to escape U.S. authorities.

The issue of U.S. fugitives living in Cuba is one of the main obstacles to normalization of diplomatic relations between the United States and the country it has dubbed a terrorist state, according to State Department officials.

But “let’s dialog with these people,” the moderates say. “Let’s be nice and see if they release the political prisoners and stop repressing the citizenry.”


Hopefully the police have the airport staked out in case this animal tries to follow his half-brother’s footsteps and hijack a plane to the worker’s cop killer’s paradise.

Our thoughts and prayers go out the fallen officer’s family along with the wounded officers and their families.

UPDATE – Shawn Labeet, yeserday’s fugitive, was shot and killed by police. No surprise there.

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  1. Do you really expect the MSM to mention that the cop killer’s brother was given sanctuary (in 1984 after hijacking a plane to Cuba) by none other than the left’s iconic, revolutionary hero, fidel castro? In your dreams!

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