9 thoughts on “Cuba: the American Tourist’s Playground”

  1. The Cuba Tourist Board in Canada tells its customers that the rag-pickers and skinny waifs they might see in Cuba are actually Disney-like audio-animatronics robots. The visitors are assured that no real people are oppressed to make their visit a pleasant, non-touristy one.

  2. Seriously, the type who would go to Cuba as tourists for castro are the type who consider themselves humanitarians. Only, this type of “humanitarians” are too busy saving “humanity” to worry about people.

  3. It is actually a little more complex than that. There are “humanitarians” who go to Cuba who know full well what is happening there. Then there are other people who want to see Cuba before it gets “ruined.” They romanticize poverty, as long as it is not their own. I can’t tell you how many conversations I have had with otherwise intelligent people who say this sort of thing. It is astounding. I can only ascribe it to a lack of TRUE information about Cuba.

  4. The racist liberal progressive: Is OK and better for less than white people to have a hairy macho run the herd, less than white people are not capable of civilized rule, they must have a benevolent Big Bro to think for them and provide them with their basic animal needs, so lib and chicky San Francisco to visit such places….

  5. PTG, Doorgunner, Mariana, RS and VAL:

    I see how clearly you see what is really said
    about Cuba and Cubans.
    Another one that is constantly told me is how
    Cubans live the “pura vida”. Did you know that they are happier than the “average American”.
    Oh Yes, they don’t have to worry about home ownership, taxes, healthcare, etc. etc. Yeah, sure.
    Ask them to give up their multi-million dollar homes and trade places with the Cubans and we will see how THEY LIKE IT! MAYBE Val is right, they don’t see humans, they see “third world
    beggars and poor unambitious “guajiros” who need
    guidance and discipline or else they will be total
    losers. Heaven help us! My faith in humankind is rapidly dwindling… this is too depressing, no
    wonder I refused to see the truth before. How can I do something to help? This is my dilemma.

  6. They better hurry, because pretty soon these motherfuckers won’t be able to even afford a trip to Cuba, bunch of shitheads low life scum, I remember growing up in Cuba the “extranjeros” that would come to Cuba and to us they were gods, only to find out later that there were nothing more than indios pordioseros, God I hope when Cuba, we have the dignity to show the world that we are not beggards or 3 world citizens.

  7. That Youtube.com video of vacationers in Varadero is so disgusting. I felt an intense hatred for those son-of-bitches as I watched that video. It’s incredible how powerful Castro’s propaganda machine is! The Cuban government is the one that started the concept of Cuba being an unspoiled tourist destination that one should visit before it gets overrun by Americans and MacDonald’s and now everyone like little parrots repeats the line and worst yet, runs to Cuba before “the Americans take over!”

    How easy it is to dupe people!

  8. This is exactly why I refuse to travel to Cuba, as long as the people are straightjacketed and used by the castroites to suck money for the sole benefit of the regime out of the fools and abusers – because that is what they are – who go there for their fun in the sun.

    An exploiting tourist in what was once my beloved country? I’d rather never see Cuba again than play that immoral role.

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