4 thoughts on “Goodbye Europe”

  1. It’s been going on for days and the arrest pictures are chilling. We now got madrassas in the making here — pushing and shoving to allow Arab + Muslim schools to operate unsupervises and autonomously. What next ….? Caliphate redux?

    Some will laugh and call it alarmist propaganda. I’m sure when the whole deluge started in Europe less than 2 decades ago, they didn’t think it would reach this point. Check out news from Sweden also — not to mention Denmark — and see what this vermin is doing to those societies.

  2. George:

    Be wary, for while the radical Muslim threat is real so are other now minor threats from other quarters. I am not sure these others are really our friends

  3. Name the threats Larry. I’ll see if I agree or not. In this order: radical Islam, China, Russia, remants of Communist regimes.

  4. George my list is similar: radical Islam, still active communists, China, Russia, right wing crazy racists are way down on my list but I still do not like them. What I fear most are combinations of these idiots, e.g. combinations of radical islamists and Hugo Chavez for example…

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