Cuban Healthcare on a Hot Tin Roof

Well, tonight’s the night that 20/20’s John Stossel will be going head to head versus Michael Moore in relation to Moore latest fake-umenatry “Sicko.” As Henry mentioned yesterday, last week’s report was just a teaser for this week’s show.

Personally, I could give a rats behind what Michael Moore has to say about anything, but I suppose he should be thanked, as his inclusion of Cuba and it’s lauded “healthcare” in his latest work has brought it center stage. A good thing, as this has fostered much debate on the subject and provided any discerning person intereted in truth more than enough factual evidence to realize that absolute fallacy of the Cuban government’s boasting on it’s health care.

The link above is to Moorewatch’s “Sicko” directory, where you’ll find plenty of discussion and posts on the subject of the documenatry and Cuba’s healthcare. Mooreover (sorry, I couldnt resist), Sicko has also fostered discussions on other aspects of Cuban life, including this great 4 part series on Reinaldo Arenas by DonnaK.

Moorewatch’s Lee, of Right Thinking from the Left Coast, is a long time friend of this blog and back in 2003, had this to say in a post for a blogburst I put together called BlogCuba:

As John Derbyshire noted in National Review, “Wherever there is a jackboot stomping on a human face there will be a well-heeled Western liberal to explain that the face does, after all, enjoy free health care and 100 percent literacy.” The repression of Castro’s Cuba is secondary to the progressive goals that he has been able to institute. Freedom is scary to the left, because free people are free to make bad decisions. Totalitarianism removes that risk.

When Castro falls, and he will fall eventually, the Cuban people will finally have a chance to prove to the world that they are free, willing, and able to shake off the yoke of oppression that has kept them in bondage for generations. As we see now in Iraq this will not be an easy transition. There are countless numbers of Cubans who have benefitted from the current system of cronyism and terror, and they are not going to let go without a fight.

Are the Cuban people up to the task? The United States will do all it can to assist them, most conspicuously from the thriving Cuban community in Florida. I think that, in the end, freedom and humanity will triumph over free health care and 100% literacy.

2 thoughts on “Cuban Healthcare on a Hot Tin Roof”

  1. Yes, but the “free” health care for AVERAGE Cubans is quite poor, and the free “education” is HEAVILY dosed with indoctrination and requires towing the party line. The foreign apologists for Castro, Inc. would NEVER accept such healthcare and education for themselves. They are, at best, contemptible hypocrites.

  2. And Val, if there’s one animal Moore doesn’t resemble, it’s a feline. Try “Pig on a Hot Tin Roof.” He pretty much defines the word porcine.

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