New York Dems Happy to Support Tyrrany

A new effort to rid the New York State Pension Fund of companies with ties to nations backing terrorism has served to reveal publicly, the moral corruption plaguing state Democrats.

The new effort lists Iran, North Korea, Syria and Sudan as sponsors of terrorism and aims to prevent companies which do business with those nations from remaining on the state’s pension fund list. No problems there. It’s the fifth country on the list that seems to have raised the hackles of greedy state Democrats. That’s right . . . Cuba.

The latest edition of the New York Sun reports that “the bill passed the Republican-controlled Senate . . . but it is being considered dead on arrival in the Democratic-controlled Assembly.”

Apparently, State Senator Thomas Duane (D-Manhattan) – who himself supports relaxing the embargo so as to rake in the big bucks he expects to receive via deals between the Castro regime and New York business leaders – called the inclusion of Cuba on the list a “poison pill.” To put it a bit more bluntly, Duane remarked: “It has no chance of passing the Assembly in its current form.”

Another state Democrat, Jeffrey Klein remarked: “If you are really serious about potentially divesting from companies that do business with nations that are sponsoring terror, Cuba doesn’t belong on the list. It’s a red herring.”

Let’s get one thing straight – right here, right now.

Who trained Yasser Arafat and the PLO in bomb-making and terror campaign methods? Answer: Fidel Castro and his revolutionary government.

Who unleashed a merciless campaign of terrorist bombings during the late 1950’s which killed dozens of Cuban men and women in Cuba’s capitol city? Answer: Fidel Castro.

Which “vaunted” Cuban (sort-of) revolutionary supported the nuclear option against the United States and attempted to mount a terrorist bombing campaign in New York City? Answer: Che Guevara.

Which Caribbean nation continues to practice arbitrary imprisonment of peaceful political dissidents, subsequently subjecting them to some of the most inhumane prison treatment in the world? Answer: Cuba.

And whose government – put into power in large part, through the use of systematic terrorist campaigns back in 1958 and1959 – REMAINS in power to this day? Answer: The late Fidel Castro’s.

Seems to me that New York State Democrats are nothing more than a bunch of good-ol’ boys hoping to pat each other on the back, cigars in hand, once their lucrative business contracts with the morally bankrupt regime in Havana are signed in ink . . . or shall I say blood? Cuban blood.

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  1. Known Cuban Terrorist Plots and Subversion victims: 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s
    Venezuela, Vietnam, Guatemala, Bolivia, Chile, Angola, Ethiopia, Chile, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico,Peru, Jamaica, Greneda, Puerto Rico, Spain, France, England
    Money laundering for terrorist organizations from Argentina and Columbia using Lebanon and Syria. Protecting Drug routes in the Caribbean.

    2000’s Foreign Fighter Training, Espionage, Infiltration and Campaign of Misinformation in Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and the good ole’ United States
    Known associates: F.A.R.C., Iran, North Korea, Syria, PLO, Hamas, and I’m pretty sure Al Qaeda..

    This statement always amazes me “Cuba is not a military threat”

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