Welcome to Mudville

The Real Cuba reports that Alexei Ramirez, Cuban baseball league home run leader this past season, has defected to the Dominican Republic and is seeking and OK from MLB to play in the majors.

I’d like to talke this opportunity to welcome Alexei to the land of the free and home of the brave. And to apologize, beforehand, for the fact that noone will listen to what he has to say now, given that he’s officially a Cuban defector or exile or migrant – whatever the term du jour is. Now that he’s officially been granted the privilege of a voice, nobody wants to know what he’s got to say.

Unless, of course, if at each at bat he yells “Viva fidel!”

At which point he will be bombarded by members of the MSM wanting to hear his story, asked to join that righteous group ENCASA, duly handed his Democratic party creds while being patted on the back by Barack Obama and whisked away to Washington DC to stand before congress and detail just how evil the US policy and sanctions against Cuba are.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Mudville”

  1. Ramirez’s wife is a Dominican citizen who recently completed medical school in Cuba. Chances are Ramirez will say that he is not “political.”

    We all know he left Cuba in order to make Mucho $$$$$$$

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