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  1. Val:

    Yes the Cuban government (who or what ever that may be (;>)) are really upset about this.



    “Spain’s Pullmantour cruise operator stopped sailing to Havana last year after it was bought by Miami-based Royal Caribbean, the world’s second-largest cruise company. More than 200 Cuban employees were fired.”

    I cry beet juice he he


  2. Quite a photoshop! C’mon wax the photo its embarrassing. We have enough facts and castro that we don’t need this.

  3. It does look suspicious to me. I think it’s worth adding that I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cruise ship passing that close to the Malecon. Have any of you? Weird.

  4. Here’s the text from the Trekearth page:

    Sur le bord du boulevard Malecon, à la Havane, cette petite famille se repose, mais tous ne sont pas également captivés par ce luxueux bateau de croisière qui vient de quitter le port.

    Babelfish translation:

    On the edge of the Malecon boulevard, in Havana, this small family rests, but all are not also captivated by this luxurious boat of cruising which has just left the port.

    It does look a bit weird, but I have no reason to doubt its validity, given that it was taken by apparently either a french canadian or french tourist.

  5. I don’t know what them landlubbers be thinkin’ lookin’ at that beautiful Pullmantour galleon, but they can’t eyeball that galleon anymore since that Spanish Cruise arrr arrr arrr line sails under th’ jolly roger o’ Royal Caribbean Galleons, ou’ o’ th’ Bay o’ Viscay since Octobree o’ 2006 an’ the’r galleons nay longer make ports o’ call t’ th’ isle, arrr prison o’ Cuba by order o’ His Royal Majesty, George 43.

    Cap’n Worm

  6. “To dream the impossible dream
    To fight the unbeatable foe
    To bear with unbearable sorrow
    To run where the brave dare not go”
    “The Impossible Dream”
    from MAN OF LA MANCHA (1972)

  7. To me it appears authentic and seems that it is taken with a telephoto lens that shortened the apparent distance perhaps from the landward (south side) of some wide plaza on the Malecon. In addition those cruise ships are huge. Big deal it is a very symbolic photo Does anybody know where the shipping channel is?

  8. Basic observations:
    The lighting for the ship is bright.
    The family is sitting under an overcast sky as they are shaded.
    The ship is focused and so is the family. One or the other would be a bit blurred if the pic was real.
    Also that ship is far too close to the malecon.
    Also look at the flat waterline where the ship was placed.

  9. The more I look at it, pototo, the more I think youre right. If you follow the water line of the ship forward and aft, beyond it, you sea the water is a completely different color.

    Good eye, man.

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