15 thoughts on “Cubans for Hillary”

  1. I am also voting for Hillary, like Gloria Estefan. I am sure that Carlos Santana will also vote for Hillary. I hope that he and Gloria Estefan can do a fund raising concert for Hillary!

  2. She can vote who the hell she wants, we don’t care. If I like her music, as I always did, I don’t care who she votes for. I don’t care her private life. Her art is a thing, her political affiliation is quite another. And not one I should care of, as long as she’s against the regime.

  3. Thanks Gloria for the constant reminder of what an idiot you are. Word of prophecy: Before long Gloria will publicly stab the CA community in the face. She is currying favor with the left. Santana, Clinton, so who is next. Que comeXXXXX.

  4. “Sobre las críticas de los exiliados cubanos contra la participación en el álbum de Carlos Santana en la canción “No llores”, porque suele usar camisetas con la imagen del guerrillero argentino-cubano Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Estefan alabó el trabajo del músico de origen mexicano, pero también defendió al exilio.”

    But I can separate my love for Cuba from my love of music? She is playing both sides of the street. She is successfully stringing along the CA community as she sleeps with the enemy.

  5. It’s one thing to mock your community by performing with the che loving Santana, quite another to support Elians betrayers. Un-f-g believable.

  6. Good sound byte, Gloria. Is that like “Organized crime needs more estrogen”? Go back to the studio, huh? It would never make you more than a mediocre singer, but at least you might be too busy to put your foot in your mouth.

    However, if she’d put Santana on a supposed Cuba tribute, why wouldn’t she vote for Mrs. Clinton? It’s oh-so-“progressive”, fashionable, and NOT like “those people” (Bill’s phrase for us, just like “that woman” for Lewinsky). It’s like, “Oh, nooo, I’m not one of those intransigents. No, siree. I wouldn’t dream of upsetting the in-crowd by looking too right-wing, especially since that could hurt business.”

    In a way, it’s our fault for worshiping idols with feet of clay. That includes the entire celebrity crowd. I’ll say it again: All they really are is dispensable frills.

    Nonetheless, this is pretty sad. I guess being very successful (commercially) may mean never having to worry about trivial things like VERGUENZA.

  7. Gee, so if Billary gets the Dem nomination, does that mean Gloria will sing at the convention? I’m sure Mrs. Clinton would be DELIGHTED to have her. Hispanic tie-in, check. Cuban-American/Florida vote tie-in, check. Celebrity business as usual, check.

  8. Your know, this is a wake-up call to all those who really (really) believe there is a difference between your public life and your private life, between your politics and your art, between what you do and what you tell your kids to do. Sooner or later, it’s all coming out in the wash. The divorce between your politics and your art only dwells in the Clintonian fantasy world of amoral decisions and doublespeak. Or spin.

    Normally, people behave according to what they believe, because we can only act as our brain dictates. If art imitates life, this is what we are dealing with. And while I’ve never had a high regard for the music of the Miami Sound Machine or the Estefans, I’ve never cared to trash it or give it a thumbs down either; some people like it. However, Santana’s participation in the CD is unjustifiable, if you’re going to wrap yourself in the Cuban flag and the support of the exile community. This reminds me of the asinine comment from anti-war groups, “I support the troops, I just don’t support the war.” Hogwash. You can’t have it both ways.

  9. I’ve never liked Gloria Estefan; she’s always been too “plastic” for me. There was always something about her that just didn’t seem to click with me. Now I know why!

    She suck up to the Cuban-American community when she was the (unknown) lead singer in “The Miami Sound Machine” and it is to the Cuban-American EXILE community that she OWES her fame. Now she can show her true colors because she doesn’t NEED us anymore. Whether we buy her album “90 Millas” or not is irrelevant because others will. She has all her millions and she’s laughing (at us) all the way to the bank. “Aqui lo que importa es el CASH.”

    The ungrateful bitch was in ABC’s The VIEW yesterday PANDERING to Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Sherri Shepherd.

    Her father (Bay of Pigs veteran) must be turning in his grave.

    As for Gloria Estefan voting for Billary… Well, this is a free country, she can vote her conscience. When it comes to Cuban issues Gloria Estefan is all Bla, Bla, Bla.

  10. If you ask me, politics needs more testosterone. Almost all the guys are cross-dressing these days, forgetting Margaret Thatcher’s sage advice to “don’t go wobbly”.

    If she walked into the Senate right now, she might be the only real man in the room.

  11. Here’s my personal take on this situation:

    OF COURSE she wants it both ways. So do lots of people. And she probably thinks she can get away with it (hell, she’s been pretty good at it so far). Nobody is questioning her right to vote for whoever she damn well pleases, but notice she’s making this into a publicity thing, and that’s NOT an accident. She has also, and this is crucial, long made a habit of wrapping herself in the Cuban flag, as Ziva put it, and she has obviously profited from that. Now, however, she ALSO wants to profit from a hipper, more “progressive” image (remember, too, that she’s no spring chicken or fresh new item anymore; those days are LONG gone).

    Bottom line: MARKETING move, REpositioning the product, “updating” the PACKAGING. Remember people, this is about career and business. It happens.

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