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  1. Too far away this time…and working. We’ve gotta do this some day in Miami or in the heart of Union City or in New York. I’m glad you had a great time. El Intransijente sounds like a great place.

  2. Val,

    I just read it on Babalu but that’s no surprise to us who have known the voting record of Menendez, who except in the Cuban issue, has voted with the most liberal, far leftist legistators. Isn’t he the-or one of the campaign manager for Hillary’s run for the WH? There you go. It’s important to never forget that the Cubans in Union City launched, supported and still support with their votes the career of Menendez. Times are changing and people’s opinions too around here. As you well know this is one of the strongest democratic controled counties in the US, at the same time Union City and West New York are two municipalities with an important anti-Castro, anti Communist voting blocks, since there’s stil asignificant number of Cubans and we all vote. All said, you can’t punish Union City, which has Pan Con Todo, The king of The Cuban Sandwich, or bring politics into a group of us, who are giving hell to fidel in the intenet, sharing Cuban Food and a good time!

    Un abrazo,


  3. Val,

    You just caught me in a time when the double standard of the left really angers me. My daughter is the publisher of The Harvard Independent. She is right now fighting it our in a meeting where she told me she would resigned from the paper if her concerns are nor addressed. She is an active Republican, she just saw how the editor of the paper edited her piece to the convenience of their interests because they felt it was too radical. I just posted the article again. They scream for freedom of expression but censorship is OK when applied to any contrary opinion. She reads your blog and told me that if they don’t correct this matter she”’ send you, Bill O’Reilly, Hanitty, Coulter and everybody her article. Their actions are curiously similar to some Hudson County Democrats. Get it!

  4. Mira, I was talking (or rather emailing) to one of the Babalu Ladies that reads but does not post. She said that she might want to have a ladies lunch out (inviting some of the guys also) one month. Maybe huh? Have a babalu blog lunch for supporters!

    I am all for a monthly lunch gather of like-minded-individuals! ALL IN FAVOR TO HAVE LUNCH ONCE A MONTH SAY YES TO VAL! 🙂

  5. Darn, I missed it. I really wanted to go and meet you guys in person, too. I work a reasonable distance away, but as luck would have it, I had a special work-related luncheon today. Maybe next time.

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