What an embarrassment.

The Senate just passed a resolution condeming MoveOn.org for their slanderous ad critcizing Gen. Petreaus in the NYT by a margin of 72 to 25.

One of those Senators voting nay and thus aligning himself with MoveOn.org – arguably the nation’s largest commie organization – was none other than New Jersey senator Bob Menendez. The Cuban-American Senator, with this vote, has also aligned himself with some pretty radical and fidel loving senators including Chuck “Lift the Embargo” Schumer, Barbara “I love fidel” Boxer, Hillary “Venceremos Brigade” Clinton, Ted “Hi-ball” Kennedy, John “I served in Vietnam” Kerry and others.

Tell the arrepentido Senator how ashmed you are, right here.

5 thoughts on “What an embarrassment.”

  1. Goes to show that Looney-left pulls the Democrats strings now……Bought and paid subsidiary of the George Soros Empire

  2. Biden and Obama – Didn’t have the guts to take a vote. They have a yellow stripes running down their back. Are they worthy of the presidency?

    All of castro’s friends voted Nay:

    Dodd, Boxer, Clinton, Rockefeller, Kennedy.

    Why am I not surprised!

  3. I remeber when The S. FLA Cuban elected GOP-ers brought him around for a fundraising tour. “We need another Cuban in the Senate!” “Give him your $$$$ help free Cuba!” Que pila de puu-puu!

    I did not give to his campaign then and in the future I wont “really” give…..not that I was anyways….Go FRED go!

  4. “Arrepentido” senator? I don’t think so, Val. That would mean he was once quite different from what he is now, like St. Paul, who persecuted Christians before he became a great Christian himself. I don’t believe Bob Menendez has ever been significantly different, though he may well have been considerably more cautious earlier, when he didn’t have the status or seniority he has now.

    I’ve always felt there was something fishy or shifty about him (what my mother calls “zorrito”), and I mean since many years ago. I see him as a fairly clever and deceptively “nice” opportunist. Just ask yourself: if the Democratic presidential nominee, whether it’s Billary or ANY of the current candidates, INCLUDING Dodd, offered him the VP slot, what would he do? Even without such an offer, regardless of who gets nominated, will he go all out to support that person? The answers are beyond obvious, and that’s all I need to know about the guy.

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