Kiss my ass

Even though Ive yet to see the latest video, Im told fidel castro is stil alive, contrary to the many assurances I received from some pretty good sources. Duped once again.

Asi es la vida.

I think I mentioned it in the fidel is dead posts, but there was always the possibility of him still being alive and we being manipulated, once again, just like we have been for so many years.

I do apologize for my zeal, but being wrong comes with the package. I trusted incredibly trustworthy sources and I would have been dishonest with you all if I had not stated my personal opinions on the subject. To those that are glad he’s alive, all I can say is kiss my fucking ass.

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  1. Val:

    Not to worry you helped force the old rat out of his hole, and now he is back inside. Wonder how he was forced out of power in Cuba… Is anybody acting as if they owned the world down there?

  2. Easy cousin… Who should be condemned here? Should it be the liar or the one who seeks the truth? By the way Raul that’s a rhetorical question. We know the answer. Don’t feel badly for one second Val. There are some smart asses who will be laughing out of the other side of their ass sooner than they could ever have imagined.

  3. Silly people…perhaps 6 months ago no one could have predicted the value of the euro to the dollar on a given day. But most anyone could predict that on some day in the future the euro to the dollar value would be as it was on Friday past. When it does then you release your prerecorded video of when Fidel was alive and barely kicking. I bet these cats in Havana are laughing their asses off at how easily they can fool the MSM.

  4. Val,
    In 1951, “incredibly trustworthy sources” told Eduardo Chibas in Havana that they would give him evidence that Minister of Education Aureliano Sanchez Arango had bought property in Guatemala with funds stolen from his ministry. The impulsive Chibas made the accusation on his radio program before receiving the evidence. He then held up his briefcase to reporters and falsely assured that the documents were in his briefcase and that he would release them at the appropriate moment. Weeks went by and Chibas and his briefcase became popular choteo. In consequence, Chibas purged himself with Milk of Magnesia before shooting himself in the colon at the end of his radio program. He was on his way to full recovery nine days later, when his physician prescribed decoagulants for developing blood clots. In consequence, he internally bled to death.
    Such is Cuban politics. There are always people who claim to have the “inside scoop” but it is just a figment of their imagination to make others believe that they are important. I trusted one of those people when I was younger and paid a high price for it.
    Don’t let what happened discourage you. Bounce back.

  5. Val –

    If the “Castro is Dead” rumor did anything, assuming the recent video to be true, it was to force the regime to show him. And what did they show? A muddled and befuddled viejo with little more life in him than a corpse, rambling on and on for an hour and a half. Buck up amigo – better days are coming soon. -S-

  6. The one bit of comfort? Actually quite a few…

    It seems to be a long, slow death for fidel. I’m not shedding tears.

    And if fidel was not at death’s door, why did it take a fricking month to get the tape shot?

  7. This makes no difference really, so an embalmed goat makes some incoherent and irrelevant blabbering, this looks more like a Jay Leno ridicule than like a dignified elder statesman….

  8. I was one of those that told you how upset I was over the false rumor. But I vented at the time and I am over it. I take no glee in the fact he is still alive. I wanted you to be right all along.

    I do not see the point in those that are bashing you once again. What happened, happened. Let’s all move on wait until the official announcement comes so we can all celebrate for real.

    I hope it is soon. I know too many old-timers that have waited on this day for so long. I just want it to happen while they are still around.

    Val, keep working your sources for all the info you can get.

  9. Val,

    Don’t pay attention to these petty useful idiots. You did the right thing, you shared with all of us the info you had. The bad thing would have been if you knew something was going on and you did not share it. That Friday, even the local Homeland Security Personnel were told to be ready for something big to happen. As far as I am concerned, he is dead. I don’t care that they showed him in a video, he died the day he could no longer govern. That realization was probably the worst thing that could happen to such an egotistical maniac. …. And I am glad to see that he is dying a slow and painful death. He definately looks like an Altzheimer patient.

    Val, keep up the great work that you do for Cuba’s freedom. I’m sure you know how many Americans read your blog and have had their eyes opened by what they read here. Every person that you educate with the truth, is one more person that will work towards liberating Cuba.

    We are all proud of you Val!

  10. You could have always stayed in that warm bed and slept a couple of more hours just like the rest of us, but no – you wake up every day before dawn and get on that computer and pound away reading, responding to emails and informing people on the reality of Cuba. In spite of all the brick walls you keep plowing on – as Prof. Randy Pausch said “Brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls aren’t there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to show us how badly we want things.” I commend you for all your hard work and incredible dedication – we are all very proud of you. You will always have my support. Un fuerte beso y abraso a ti y a Maggie.

  11. Who cares if he’s dead or not? He’s been politically dead for over a year, and there’s been no changes in the status quo. The guy can’t even finish a sentence without trailing off, so I doubt he holds any influence over anything anymore.

  12. Val, no te desilusiones. For the past 3 years you have been my, and many’s, first source for Cuban news. Up here where I live, I wouldn’t know anything about castro or Cuba if it weren’t for this blog. No one should fault you and if they do, well, they can do that thing you said to do in the last line of your post.


  13. Val,

    Teddy Roosevelt once said..”it is not the critic who counts…the credit belongs to the man in the arena”…you are our “man in the arena”…keep reporting what you know, you do a great job…

  14. “…I do apologize for my zeal, but being wrong comes with the package. I trusted incredibly trustworthy sources and I would have been dishonest with you all if I had not stated my personal opinions on the subject…”

    Val, as far as I’m concerned, you DO NOT have to apologize for your zeal about this f.c. issue, those of us that truly care about Cuba’s freedom know exactly what you’ve been through and why you take so much of your valuable time to dedicate it to this effort, it is not compulsory, you deserve much credit for your efforts towards the ultimate goal of such. Keep on keeping on.

  15. señores vamos a dejarnos de pendejadas..fidel probablemente durara en ese mismo estado 5 o 6 años mas ..Vamos a cogerlo suave que esto es para largo aun muriendose fidel hay que añadirle por lo menos 5 años mas para limpiar la isla completa del pensamiento comunista..

    Señores no sueñen pajaritos preñados esta lucha es larga y continua..cuba libre en el 2017

    Animo CARAJO

  16. Val,

    NO NEED TO APOLOGIZE! Keep your eye on the ball. The end-game is…. the downfall of the Castro Mafia regime and the liberation of Cuba.

    The BASTARD’s current life-condition prolongation is actually a ‘good thing’.

    By virtue of the BASTARD’s “still alive” condition, yhe current leadership and the direction of the country, have actually been ‘check-mated’ into indecisions and timidity towards correcting the many problems afflicting the regime. Thereby continuing to increase the ‘pressure’ meter on the populace’s tolerance for their disastrous conditions in which they have left the people flounder.

    If there is another MALECONASO, there won’t be any BASTARD showing up to end the show!

  17. Val, don’t worry about the useful idiots. You damned sure don’t need to apologize to those a-holes.

    The rest of us are with you. You don’t need to apologize to us. We know where you’re coming from because we’re coming from the same place too.

  18. Everyone knows that Havanajournal is a commie website, so who is to trust what is written there. If I’m not mistaken Havanajournal is located here in America, promoting communist propaganda from Cuba, catering to the travelers abroad. So they get paid by the Castro regime or by the Cuban tourist department which again is headed by the Castro regime. The money trail always leads to the Castro regime’s enormous pockets, go figure, what a racket. How can you trust a government where its “citizens” (slaves) cannot travel abroad unless they work for the Castro regime and if they are caught trying to “escape” will be punished severely along with their family. A government that will place you in jail for 20 years just for verbally opposing the policies and restrictions “their” government has imposed on them. “Their” government restricts them from enjoying all the luxuries that a person from abroad has when they travel their. And Havanajournal promotes the tourist agencies that cater to the tourist who travel to Cuba. As much as I know the people who write on the forums located there on Havanjournal could be the work of a few people, who knows? HavanaJounal cannot be trusted, they have no integrity at all. Viva Cuba Libre! Kiss my Ass also!!

  19. Val, and the remaining Babalusans, please keep in mind that this video only shows that the late King Fidel was alive around March-July 2006. The announcement of the the Greenspan book was made back in March 2006, and a lot of it’s content could be surmised back then. Oil price “headed” toward $80 was also on the news from March to July 2006 when prices rose to just over $77. So I still beleive its memorex. Just my 2 cents.

  20. Stand your ground, Val. The pressure you are personally helping to put on the castro regime is the absolute best thing you can be doing right now for Cuba and her people.

    That question of fidel’s health is very likely keeping money and other help out of the regime’s hands. If I were a European country with castro money in one of my banks and a debt owed from Cuba, I would find every excuse I could to keep every red cent I could in the country, in anticipation of seizing the funds on castro’s death. The more the Cuban government is being pestered with having to prove fifo’s alive, and the more frail and incoherent he gets in this “proof of life”, the more grounds you are giving the castros’ creditors to start knocking on the door.

    The more rumors get stoked in Cuba, the clearer it is becoming to the man on the street that perhaps nobody is really in charge in Cuba. There is a light at the end of an almost fifty-year-long tunnel, and the Cuban people may be starting to see it.

  21. Juan, we´re on the same page here. Easily alterered tapes just don´t convince me that he´s alive. Like I said before, all they have to do is put him in front of a live camera, and until they do that it´s my opinion that he´s dead.

  22. Unfortunately, it seems real. He did quote Alan Greenspan’s new book and he quoted the record high exchange rate of the Euro against the dollar, and the price of a barrel of oil. So it’s fairly hard to fake that. Sadly, the world must endure este comemierda tirano for longer.

    But on the brighter side, he did trail off mid-sentence, and he appears to be even more senile than before.

    Even though we have to postpone our celebration of a castro-free Cuba, I take comfort in the fact of the inevitability of freedom in Cuba. The castro regime under fidel, raul, can only last so long. The process has already started, and it can’t be turned back.

  23. Alberto de la Cruz pointed out the Barnes & Noble 30% sticker on the cover of the book- does B&N ship to Cuba now? Or maybe that was on fifo’s top 10 list of books he wanted to read and someone went to Miami especially for him. ??? Or could it just be BS?

  24. So fifo is half alive… It gives me IMMEASUARABLE pleasure to know that he KNOWS he is LOSING his wits. Besides, the longer he lives the more pain he has to endure.


    You weren’t the only one “duped.” Imagine how Mexico’s most influential newspaper Reforma and its Cuban correspondent, Yolanda Martinez must be feeling.

  25. From Cubanology:

    “Everyone knows that Havanajournal is a commie website…”

    Whoa boy! Easy.

    I guess because I am anti-Embargo and suggested that Val apologizes to his readers for stating that Fidel is dead that I am a commie?

    For the record, I am a Republican and Havana Journal Inc is a Massachusetts based corporation.

    Also, for the record, I am not happy to ask that Val apologizes to his readers but he is the owner of a major Cuba site with a large and loyal following. Should we not hold him to higher standards? He is an authority on Cuba. I read at least twice a day so I respect what Val says AND I am glad that he posted this article and respect him for that.

    Also, for the record, I am not happy that Fidel has come out. I thought he was on life support or close to it so I guess I won’t have to kiss Val’s ass 🙂

    If you need to call me a commie and Castro lover to make yourself feel better and stick up for Val, that’s fine but when you make stupid statements like that, you are being shallow and petty.

    We may agree on more than you think. Maybe you should read and see.

    Val, I appreciate your “apology” to your readers and it was done in classic Val style.

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