ABC, you can do it.

A few days ago I issued a challenge to ABC News to continue reporting the truth about Cuba. They had just scraped the tip of the iceberg with a short segment that challenged the popular myth about the quality of Cuban health care. In that post I claimed that it is not difficult to get the real story out if only you are committed to telling it.

Here is the proof. While I don’t agree with everything said in this investigative piece that was done for Australian TV, you get the idea that Cuba is not the worker’s paradise that many would like it to be. That comes across loud and clear.

It’s time to start demanding truthful and complete coverage of Cuba from our media.

3 thoughts on “ABC, you can do it.”

  1. Great find Henry, a truly balanced report that simply does what should be done by any journalist worth his/her salt, dig for the truth and report it, instead of just repeating whatever the dictatorship’s mouthpieces spew.

  2. I like how that useful idiot scholar is surprised and disillusioned with what Cuba turned out to be after he volunteered to help the “revolution.”

    Amazing! Thanks for the link.

  3. Henry –

    Watched it all. My question is whether the good professor will blame his disillusionment on the system or the people running it. Noteworthy also were the boxes with new HAIER Refrigerators. Question – were they Chinese made -or- fairly likely, made at HAIER’s plant in South Carolina “en los Estados Unidos?” Si hecho en los Estados Unidos,
    digame por favor – donde esta “el bloqueo?” -S-

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