8 thoughts on “Cubans Not Deserving of Quality Healthcare”

  1. Hi CubaWatcher,

    Is there an e-mail address for the executive offices or president at ABC? It would be really nice if everyone who has to send pain killers, prescription medication, insulin, injections, on a monthly basis to their Cuban families, or those who’ve had to fund operations from having to send bed sheets, sutures, antibiotics, and everything else required during an operation could send their personal testimonies to ABC and CC this ENERGUMENO, who thinks that because they took him to a hospital where only MINIT people get attended, he thinks he’s already seen it all.

    Everyone who’s gone through tough times of their own in Cuban hospitals should also write testimonials.

    “Not moved by political, but by professional reasons”, what BS!

  2. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOTHING BUT “SHILLS” for CUBA. Consisting of Spaniard, Canadian, and American shills. They are all ROYAL MEMBERS of the USEFUL IDIOT CLUB! You want proof of their membership???…..

    Gail A. Reed, MS – International Director,MEDICC
    “(MEDICC)Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba is a non-profit organization working to enhance cooperation among the US, Cuban and global health communities aimed at better health outcomes.”http://www.medicc.org/about-us.php

    F. Javier Nieto
    “Between 1979 and 1985 he completed a residency in Family and Community Medicine in Spain and an MPH degree in Havana, Cuba.”

    Ronald K. St. John, M.D., M.P.H.
    Director General Center for Emergency
    Preparedness and Response
    Public Health Agency of Canada
    Ottawa, Ontario


    Patricia Rodney, RN, MPH, PhD
    “She serves on the advisory boards of the University of Michigan Population Fellows Program, the Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc., Public Health Fellowship Program in Washington D.C. and the Women and Development International Training Project for Clark Atlanta University.”

    “Patricia is author of The Caribbean State, Health Care and Women: An Analysis of Barbados and Grenada During the 1979-83 Period,
    (The African World Press, New Jersey, US, 1998) and is co-author of a video titled Women,
    Politics, and Equity.”

    “Patricia is currently working on a book titled An Assessment of
    Cuban Trained Caribbean Health Professionals,
    (Edwin Mellen Press Ltd., NY).

  3. Some of the letter signers have a long history as Castro propagandists.

    DR. PETER G. BOURNE, a psychiatrist and former presidential assistant to Jimmy Carter, published the hagiography “Fidel” in 1986 and has been an avid defender of the dictator for decades. He is Chair of the Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC) Board of Directors http://www.medicc.org

    GAIL REED in the former wife of JULIAN TORRES RIZO, the Cuban Ambassador in Granada until 1983, who got sacked for cowardice in the face of the enemy during the Granada invasion. Reed promptly thereafter divorced him. For years, she has been a translator for “Granma,” the organ of Cuba’s Communist Party. Reed is International Director of MEDICC.

    JULIAN TORRES RIZO has also worked for MEDICC as “Review” reporter. That’s quite a fall from diplomat to reporting for a small bulletin with limited circulation.

  4. Just came back from the Huffington board. You guys were amazing in putting out that fire, Articulate, intelligent, convincing. Kudos for a job well done.

    I think it’s important that we all email Westin. Mine is going in next.

  5. DELACOVA!! PLEASE print that conflict of interest stuff on the Huffington Post comments! It totally destroys their credibility.

    Please do it!

  6. The correct e-mails for Stossel and Westin are:
    I wrote to both of them today complaining that the segment was too short and that ABC put several people in Cuba at risk to get the producer the information that was required to air a segment that could not have been challenged, but that ABC chose to ignore the videos and photos that they have, because of time constraint.
    Both of them did answer my e-mails.

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