There’s lots of stuff this morning in the blogosphere about the protests against the Iranian president’s visit to New York. Michelle Malkin has a link filled post on the whole affair. Video from Ground Zero at Atlas Shrugs.

But here’s a photo that caught my eye at Kesher Talk, taken by Mary Madigan of Exit Zero, who was at the Ground Zero protest:


That’s a Cuban in the background donning his Alpha 66 shirt. Whoever you are, thanks for being there and representing those of us that couldn’t be there.


Update by Pitbull: This image (from Michelle Malkin’s piece) says it all.


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  1. It is truly sickening that, in a case as blatant and extreme as this, there are STILL those who won’t call a spade a spade and let the chips fall where they may. For some people, a certain supposedly hip, ultra-“progressive” image is clearly more important than the truth or simple human decency. The Columbia business is really, REALLY disgusting.

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