Sanctions: The new black

One of the big criticisms of the embargo (not the only one, I know) is that we do business and engage other terrible regimes. Whether it’s Myanmar or Iran, it seems that sanctions are becoming fashionable again.

I say good. Perhaps the U.S. will finally take the lead in keeping the pressure on all oppressive regimes. I think the American people are hungry for the types of reforms that President Bush envisions for the United Nations. Otherwise do away with the whole thing and start again as a Democracies-only club. Nothing good can come from a situation in which the inmates are running the asylum.

And before you send me an email telling me about how you can travel freely to Iran, keep this in mind: sanctions are punitive measures. I don’t know what percentage of Iran’s GDP comes from tourism, but I’m betting it’s nothing close to what it represents to Cuba.

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