A Friendly Cane Wager

You know the old man that the Jimmy Smits character had offed at the end of last night’s show? Fifty bucks says that he’s gonna turn out to be Jimmy’s old man.

Any takers?

Not only are the characters stereotypical and thin, and the show premise basically Dallas a lo cubano, but the writing is pretty transparent.

11 thoughts on “A Friendly Cane Wager”

  1. LMFAO! I just squirted coffee out my nose, damnit! I think you’re on to something. I’d put a beer on it but you’d have to do some traveling to get it. LOL

  2. Think about it, CW, the old man was first seen at the boy’s little league game. The next time he appears, he’s off alone with the kid and what’s he doing? teaching him to swing a baseball bat. Now, seriously, what kind of criminal meaning harm, to a kid and his family, would actually take the time to stop and teach the boy a Ted Williams swing?

  3. Hmm, I also think that Jimmy Smit’s pregnant wife will be put in harm’s way at some point, leading Alex Vega deeper into the revenge business.

    The characters were all pretty one-dimensional, and I expected a pretty bad portrayal of Cubans. What I saw was a mixed bag of some pros and some cons, which was a semi-pleasant surprise, considering what I expected from CBS.

  4. While I’ll wait until I’ve actually seen it myself before I pass judgement (I do take the opinions of others into account on something like this, but ultimately I make up my own mind), if it’s as mediocre to downright bad as many of the reviews (not just here) I’ve seen of it seem to indicate, it’ll be just one more instance of someone else trying to repeat David Chase’s success with The Sopranos and failing miserably (e.g. the short-lived 2003 series “Kingpin”. But then again, I don’t think the creator of the show, for whatever credits she may have, has either Chase’s level of knowledge or experience. And no disrespect to Mr. Smits or Mr. Elizondo (both fine actors in their own right-BTW, Smits is from Belize), but I think that James Gandolfini and Dominic Chianese outshine them any day of the week.

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