Because its all Cane, all day. (Update)

One other thing about last night’s premiere (I promise).

Something was mentioned on last night’s show that downright sent chills up and down my spine. It scared the crap out of me. And I know there’s some out there that will most probably criticize me and say Im flying off the handle and all that, but so be it. I looked around the internets to see if maybe someone else had picked up on it and found only one other reference.

In essence and to be succinct: Sugar is the new oil.

Why would that scare you, Val? you may be asking.

Well, let’s just put two and two together, shall we, folks?

What’s the one industry that Cuba has always been known for? Sugar.

What’s the one industry in Cuba that is in the most dire need of revamping and rebuilding? Sugar.

What’s the one country that can truly assist Cuba in restructuring and rebuilding its sugar industry? The US.

What’s the one country that has an economic embargo on Cuba? The US.

What’s the one thing that country is supposedly in dire need of? Alternative fuel sources.

Sugar is the new oil.

How long before some US congressman poses a bill for the lifting of the Cuban embargo citing sugar as the alternative fuel source this country is in “desperate” need of?

There’s never an egg timer around when you need one.

(Other sugar is the new oil reference right here.)

Update: El Gusano was on this back in April:

With these dire predictions, Florida’s politicians can only come up with ONE solution:

Support a free and democratic Cuba so Cubans wouldn’t have a need to abandon their country?


But plans to offset that migration center on helping Cuba help Cubans — by developing more jobs and a better economy in the communist country.

YES! You read that right. Pay off the Castros so that they don’t send their huddled masses yearning to be free over here to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave because we don’t freaking want them!

“Many analysts believe the real Cuban change will not happen in Havana,” said Jorge Pinon, a senior research associate at the institute. “It will happen in Washington.”

Among plans the institute is exploring is the conversion of Cuba’s sugar cane fields into ethanol-producing facilities. Such a transition could provide 212,000 jobs for Cubans, Pinon said.

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  1. By the bye, it’s interesting to note that not too long ago, Florida Crystals, owned by the Fanjuls, ran commercials on their using their leftovers to create renewable energy. Check out the website.

  2. Priorities? Americans better get off their fat asses and start walking before making energy deal with tyrant regimes. You’ll be healthier, more secure and most importantly in possession of something more valuable than gold – righteous principles…

  3. Hola beautiful people!

    I was just emailed by a fellow reader who does not post. She wrote me a detailed critique of Val’s Cane posting. I told her I could post her letter online for her since she has trouble signing in at times.

    **WARNING**She is a USA/Cuba patriot and an awesome conservative with a deep love for a free Cuba, but her opinion of Cane the TV show is different than all the posts today.



    “Hey Gabe, how are you? I just wanted to vent to you a little about your bud, Val. He really doesn’t do his readers justice by assuming that they all think in lock and step with him. I just read his review of the new CBS show, Cane.

    He (Mr. Val) starts his rant by saying that it’s just CBS propaganda crap, that he’s never seen so many Cuban skinny women, etc. Seriously, Val needs to widen his social circle. My children went to the best boys and girls Catholic high schools in Miami and I’m sorry but all the moms look like that, or at least strive to. Val needs to get out of Hialeah and move on up to Cocoplum, Pinecrest, or Coral Gables. Talk about stereotyping your own people!

    Also, if he bothers to research the origin of the show, he will find out that it’s creator, writer and executive producer is Cynthia Cidre, a very accomplished Cuban American writer who has won several awards and wrote The Mambo Kings.

    She was approached by some producers who wanted her to write a story about a Mexican family and she brought Jimmy Smits on board since she knew him and had worked with him before. They pitched the idea to CBS, who suggested to Cynthia that since she was Cuban American, she should write what she really knows.

    So, she thought it would be interesting to base it on the Bacardi family, not the Fanjuls. When she began to assemble the cast, she couldn’t believe that such high profile and talented actors wanted to join in. Sorry , but tell Val that it takes big names to attract an audience. I found their accents to be very nuanced and real. It’s a drama like Dallas, rich family who happens to be Cuban American.

    Finally, my son is in the movie business in LA, he met Jimmy months ago at the commissary at Disney Studios where Jimmy’s production offices are.

    My son, with his tremendo Cuban balls, went up to him ,introduced himself and asked him for a job writing for the show. He told him that as a Cuban American young man having grown up in Miami he could really contribute. Jimmy was very cordial and asked for his resume. They called Nick back and told him that another more experienced writer had been hired but that they would keep his resume on file.

    My son later got a job as the LA asst to a very powerful producer in LA and NY. So, that was Jimmy’s loss. But my point is that it’s a worthwhile project and shouldn’t be dismissed so easily by Val and co.

    Sorry for my long rant, now you can see why I don’t post my opinions on there. I’m too long winded, lol. If you didn’t catch the pilot episode, check it out next week. It’s been given rave reviews by the critics and I really hope it does well.”

    Written by “A Sexy Cuban Woman”

  4. To “Sexy Cuban Woman”

    First, the show is nothing but Cuban stereotypes filtered by way of leftist Hollywood. Scarface, anyone?

    Second, The Mambo Kings Sing Songs of Love was written by Oscar Hijuelos, not Cidre. She may have been a screenwriter but the works is Hijuelo’s not hers.

    Lastly, you can also shove your patronizing and condescending comments about “Val & Co.” right up your “Sexy Cuban” ass.

  5. Val, I was thinking the same exact thing when they said “Sugar is the new oil…”, but thankfully that process is still a long time in coming. According to the DOE, it will be at least 5 years until cellulosic ethanol is cost-competitive with gasoline. Not only that, but Detroit/Japan would concurrently have to modify their engines to run on ethanol. Given recent turmoil in the auto industry, I doubt they will invest heavily in such research and development until there is reasonable certainty that cellulosic ethanol is the way to go.

    This could be longer than the time it would take for Cuba to cease to be under Communist rule.

  6. Update: Cellulosic ethanol is different than ethanol from sugar… it is from lignocellulose which is a structural material that comprises much of the mass of plants, available in a great diversity of biomass including waste from urban, agricultural and foresty sources.

    Cellulusoic ethanol is highly regarded as the source to rely on (according to the most recent Ethanol Forum in Brazil this June), moreso than corn or sugar.

  7. Guajiro,

    Perhaps your sexy woman should do some reading comprehension exercises and instead of getting all hot under the collar and calling me Mr. Val and all that shit, perhaps she should actually, you know, read the damned post and who worte it before jumping the old gun. That really doesnt do her comments justice, after all.

    As far as it being a Cuban american who wrote it? Big deal. Shit is shit no mater who shat it.

  8. Guajiro, when someone insults me, the gloves come off. She’s no lady, so I’m not obligated to be a caballero. And I don’t fucking live in Hialeah, OK? Fuck her and the mule she rode in on.

  9. I think the comment “Sugar is the new oil” they used in the show is a bit of an exaggeration. It will still be some time before it becomes more cost effective to produce ethanol than gasoline. However, I did hear in the news a few months back that the US signed an agreement with Brazil to promote the use of ethanol fuels and cut the need for oil down significantly in the coming years. That being said Brazil produces much more sugar than Cuba does, so I think the US would deal with them first, unless Cuba was willing to make some changes, which we all know que ellos son cavesa dura.

  10. Val and Tomas –

    A free CUBA and a CUBA involved in ethanol production from sugar cane are NOT mutually exclusive. As for the comment about retooling engines to run on alcohol fuel – this is utter nonsense. The major US car companies already produce them for use in Brazil. The engineering is there already, parts production can easily be ramped up.
    The key is to arrange it so the PEOPLE of CUBA benefit from the industry – not just “El Coma-andante” and his cronies. -S-

  11. (((((((((((((((( I APOLOGIZE )))))))))))))))))))))))
    I see that many have been offended by the “Sexy Cuban Woman’s” posting and I have caught the brunt of it. I should have read the letter more carefully. WOW!

    Bueno…..I believe in free speech and believe me: “SEXY CUBAN WOMAN” has and continues to read the blog so she got the messages from you all. I have not heard from her as of yet but I am curious to hear what she has to say.

    Believe me I am not posting any more for others except FOR MYSELF! Que va mijo! I have enough stress in my life.

    Bueno….pleeze dont get mad at me I am only the messenger so pleeze dont kill me ya’ll.

    ((((( Metir la pata en esta! Coño! )))))))

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