Internet Radio: It’s the new oil!

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5 thoughts on “Internet Radio: It’s the new oil!”

  1. George,

    Do you have any information on Cuba actively working on modernizing its ethanol-producing facilites by upgrading its refineries to meet international quality standards to be traded as a commodity, like oil?

    I thought that was an interesting point mentioned in Cane last night …

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “El talento puede dar prestigio, el valor puede dar soldados, la tiranía puede dar esclavos, pero solo la justicia puede dar la fuerza.” ~ Silvio Pellico

  2. CW,
    Check that. The castro government has been against corn based ethanol only, I believe. Dont think they have mentioned cane based ethanol in their reflections.

  3. Val,

    Yeah, specifically corn-based but his arguments, at least the way I read them, present the point of view that all biofuels created from food staples are a bad idea – ala cutting into the food supply. Still, I might be wrong.

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