Prepare the excuse-making machine

A few days back we posted a picture of Hillary Clinton in which one of her supporters was wearing the image of che guevara, the butcher of la cabaña. Some folks defended her saying she couldn’t know this person was coming and perhaps even standing there and that doesn’t necessarily mean she agrees with the che worshiper who happened to be there.

Well today I received an email with this lovely little banner that links to some sort of advertorial for the Clinton Global Initiative that appeared at


That would be the William Jefferson Clinton Global Initiative. You know the guy who would become the “first laddie”?

Somebody with authority to approve communications for Bill Clinton’s foundation doesn’t think that there’s anything wrong with publishing a picture of a guy sporting the image of a homicidal Stalinist who helped destroy a country and bring about the most repressive and longest lasting dictatorship in the Western Hemisphere.

So next time they try to blur the distinctions between Republicans and Democrats, remember what the “most respected” Democrats think is acceptable.

Ok, let’s hear the excuses.

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11 thoughts on “Prepare the excuse-making machine”

  1. Henry –

    Alex is probably an “idealistic” 13 year old kid, which is to say “head full of mush.” He will grow up and learn – hopefully not the Hard Way. Clinton & Co. taking advantage of it is beneath contempt. -S-

  2. Look, if Hillary gets the Democratic nomination, I say that we use her as a national platform to spread che awareness. Hold her accountable for that picture and force her to denounce che, and say something about his crimes against humanity.

    Her voice will have more sway than most of ours, triste pero cierto.

  3. I read an article from a group that goes by the name of Democracy Now doing an article on Evo that talked about Che. I emailed them and asked if they are usually involved with genocidal racists like Che.

  4. Mr. Estrada Palma, you’re wasting your time with that outfit, Amy Goodman runs that show from Manhattan, there’s nothing pro-democracy emanating from that cabal of neo-socialism/communism, they remind me of the indoctrination commissars that used to visit the primary and secondary schools’ classrooms while I existed in Cuba. They’re all the typical brainwashed drones that are produced by extremist ideologies, they live in their own imaginary world and refuse to accept anything that’s contrary to their programmed minds. Your time is far too valuable to waste it on them.

  5. Hola Amigos! I am investigating a lead that Monica Lewinsky wears Che thong underwear. I look forward to providing this content to my new friends at Babalu.

  6. If Hillary gets called on it publicly and she answers with some excuse about how she didn’t know the guy was there (which may be true), somebody should ask her — before saying, “Don’t Taze Me, Sis!” — well, why is it that such T-shirts tend to gravitate toward you and your husband and are nowhere to be found at events for that other party and its candidates?

    Doesn’t that suggest that Che’s admirers support you in part because they see a lot of similarities?

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