11 thoughts on “Esta es mi casa, fidel.”

  1. Sounds like a bad hymenphlug valve to me, Val. You’re probably going to have to replace the main biluvial piston which can be accessed via the main access panel, just below the capstan rod. Once you do that, I’d probably replace the corinthian valve lifters just beneath the rotary bi-flotation stem valves. Good luck with that.


  2. It can be an obstructed run-off. Find the run off pipe were the condensation collects, and blow either compressed air or water from a hose. this is common with older units as the “crud” tends to block these. happens to my units about every three years. good luck.

  3. Eloy M is right on. We had a similar situation at our house. The drain pan was too small, was not placed close enough to the A/C unit (in the attic)and the run-off pipe was diverting the condensation on to the ceilings of 2 bedrooms.

    A mess to fix, and yes one of the joys of homeownership.

    But we do own our homes. It isn’t Cuba.

    We’ve lived in this house for three years. The previous owner fancied himself a Mr. Fix-It. We still keep finding things wrong from light fixtures wired backwards, to insulation over lights in the attic.

    Ohter than the obvious pain in the ass it has been to find and get them fixed (I’m not handy at all) is the fact that the previous owner was a doctor.

    I sure hope he wasn’t a surgeon.

  4. JackW,

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the un-handyaman doctor being a surgeon. I can smell a computer problem a continent away, but when it comes to cars, I am utterly clueless.

  5. Sounds like an all too familiar story for me. In my past experiences with that, it’s been a blocked run-off pipe or dirty coils, or both.

    The fix for those is pretty routine for AC repair people.

  6. Um, Val, you realize I was joking with that smart-assed comment right? Wouldn’t want anyone to think I was a real AS$HOL*

    I mean, I’m sure there are many who think I am but, well . . . . .


  7. I had a similar experience in a rental 3-bedroom apartment years ago. I awoke to the pounding on the front door and stepped into a two-inch-deep puddle throughout the entire apartment. It was the neighbor on the floor below, telling me that the water had filtered down and his entire carpeting was wet. The hose on the washing machine in my apartment had burst and the water had been rushing out full blast all night long. I moved out soon after that.

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