raul the reformer

The apologists for the regime have pointed to the release of a handful of political prisoners over the last year as a sign of softer leadership in Havana under raul castro. Never mind that many of these prisoners had either completed or were nearing completion of their unjust sentences.

Well what will they say now that reports are coming out of Havana left and right about a new wave of detentions?

It’s unclear the exact number of people we’re talking about. The reports vary but AFP is currently reporting the number at 21.

The reports say that these dissidents were planning a protest on behalf of political prisoners.

I wonder if Sting and The Police will ask their Cuban government hosts about these actions if they finally decide to play that December concert in Havana.

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  1. I am sure that this is all a mistake and has an easy explanation. Let cooler heads prevail. I will write about this in my next column in the Herald.

  2. “I am sure that this is all a mistake and has an easy explanation. Let cooler heads prevail.”

    The regime’s apologists have been saying that for 50 long years. The reckoning is at hand and those responsible for crimes against the Cuban people will pay a heavy price.

    The child’s play is going to end for the government fat-cats in Havana. Time to reap what they’ve sown.

  3. “la china” is not a “reformer”, but a true “performer” of abuses and acts of oppression, against the Cuban people and their basic human rights … BUT, he has been doing this all along in the name of the revolution . . . since day 1 . . . why would he stop now?

    VIVA CUBA LIBRE! Let’s keep all dissidents and their families in our prayers … May God protect them and make the rest of the world see the truth!!!

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “Only those who spread treachery, fire, and death out of hatred for the prosperity of others are undeserving of pity.” ~ Jose Marti

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